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  1. Risk mgmt

    Bro JStockton,

    I'm a wookie and was trying to show your quote responding to the original quote of the individual hating this trade.
    But only your quote appeard.

    My error sir and I mean no harm...
  2. Guard

    I can confirm they do use analytics.
  3. good trade

    I can't believe what I'm reading here and all the Fuss over the trade of a bench dude JJ. In any other city...this trade wouldve been no big deal cause its just a bench warmner.

    its only bench...
  4. all taking JJ's departure very... all taking JJ's departure very seriously. Chill out!!!

    All the best to JJ , King and the Raptors.

  5. Smarty pants

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Would someone kindly advise me as to what we couldve had if we never secured the services of JJ back in 2011.
    We gave up late-first round pick in 2011 to acquire him from...
  6. good trade

    Sorry to say but JJ is not starting in the King lineup.

    Lastly, all the BC haters...Please for the 1000th time tell me who would you rather have as GM here.
    BC is doing fine. No much of a...
  7. Good trage

    Read between the lines here.
    Now tell me is he worth a 1st rounder? People get some edumication here come one.

    "This is a good trade for the Kings, because they only have to give up a future...
  8. Good Trade

    From business to on court product to team chemistry...This is a decent move.
    I dont know what was the market value and offers recieved by BC. But if this was aint bad.

    This dude has...
  9. " I don't like this trade at all. He was...

    " I don't like this trade at all. He was statistically our best defender and arguably our best defender overall. Im not expecting Allstar talent for a player like JJ but we should have tried to get...
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