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That's where I think you keep missing the point of what Nurse appears to be trying to do here. Even obvious 'floor spacers' like OG and Serge (wtf) are being allowed to dribble drive and create their own shot. Nurse is giving every player a much higher degree of freedom than Casey's role cards ever did. He's allowing his players to use regular season games to practice their full skill set to see what is going to work in the playoffs. And sometimes it looks like shite. FVV is the other obvious example. Norm may be lining up initially as a floor spacer, but he's finding success back to his natural slashing mentality with an improved skill set and he's being allowed to drive and kick. Nurse's roles aren't as etched in stone as you're making them sound... you've probably got used to watching Casey coach for too long.
I'm not missing the point. I get it. I'm just making some observations: first, that it sucks to watch and hurts the team in the short term. Even if there are long term benefits, it's important to establish those things. Because of the second observation: we are optimistically assuming this is what Nurse is doing, and assuming that when it comes to it, players will be placed back into their best roles as defaults and be prepared to do the extra stuff when defences force them to - and if that doesn't happen, we know it will likely remain ugly. I'm with you on assuming Nurse is doing this intentionally and doesn't mind losing games to make it happen - that was his sales pitch, after all.

I'm not saying Powell can't do those things, nor am I saying he shouldn't be doing those things. He should! One of the best attributes for a 3+D player to have (besides the 3 and the D) is the ability to a) attack closeouts off the dribble and b) create offence from there. That's a high end role player, and is what Norm showed flashes of and what he got paid for. But the argument is that Powell should be used primarily as a slasher - which means giving him the ball and having him create offence, which is fine for skill development, but not for the success of the team, and more importantly is not what is happening in this recent stretch. Norm is getting the occasional play to run PnR, like he always has, but is mostly staying off ball and getting his shots and slashes in off of secondary action. He's just doing better with them by playing smarter and hitting his shots more. I'd love if there were an obvious correlation with role change that explained his better performance - that's exactly the sort of thing I'm constantly looking for in my analysis of the team and how I try to develop my opinions on what lineups should fit together and what looks should be avoided. But that's not the case here. He's just playing better within the same role he had earlier in the season.