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Thread: Who is the Most Overrated Team in the East ..aka.. Why Boston Sux.

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    Quote ebrian wrote: View Post
    Can we start a thread called "Who is the most overrated team in the east aka why Toronto sux" next season so we can be up 2-0 against the Cavs in the ECF too? It seems to be working.. this reverse psychology thread thing is working against us!

    I agree. I was with you when I picked the Raptors.

    29 others though......


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    Yay! Thanks mods. Although they do kind of suck tonight

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    Quote Demographic Shift wrote: View Post
    This is my 5000 post since, on a flyer, I signed up as a member of the Republic half a decade ago. I have saved this milestone to comment, continue to vent actually, on my favourite topic… Boston Suckage.

    My gut tells me this years oh so fashionable choice to kick ass and take names in the eastern conference, the Boston Chowderheads, are going to be a buck short and day late much like last years fashionable pick the Minnestota Timberpups. That the pups wound up with 31 wins and picking 7th in the lottery is a testament to how far off the CBS/ESPN guys can be when they get the blinders on and the bit in their mouth. At times I think they are on expense controls and since most of them are Boston natives they cover a perimeter bounded by the North Station and the Charles River. Effing homers to the bone marrow.

    So without a lick of remorse here are the top 10 reasons why the projected 57 win Celtics will shit the bed this year like the Timberpups did last year and are the most overrated team in the east and the NBA.

    1. Kyrie Irving is a lights out scorer, but, is a so so defender and is injury prone. He has yet to complete a full season. Its pretty unlikely he doesn’t miss time again this year. He averages about 63 games played a year. So its not inconceivable he misses 15 or so this year. Backing him up is untested Terry Rozier. Cause for concern.

    2. Gordon Hayward. 16th best player in the league according to ESPN. Except he is not. Gord is going to be good on the offensive end. Defensively he is average. This year he won’t have Rudy Gobert protecting the rim and erasing mistakes. Gords a so so rebounder on the defensive glass and as mostly perimeter player he won’t be much on the offensive glass. Leadership isn’t featured prominently on Gord resume..

    3. Jayson Tatum bless his heart is this years Justice Winslow. Lots of hype for Tatum with substance to be determined. Tatum was ranked anywhere between 4th and 5th in most draft rankings same as Winslow. Both were dominant college players with jump shots “in progress.” The gap between what this first year Dukie will be able to do and what he won’t be able to as a 19 year old playing against the men is big. Grand Canyon big. Jayson tips the scales at 205 pounds. With no jimmy… this is not the bulk of a successful first year inside scorer. Maybe next year.

    4. Al Horford is 31 and is already relying on smarts rather than athleticism. Nothing wrong with that. What is going to go wrong for Al is that he going to play at the 5 and be a rim protector. Issue is that Al hates the 5 and isn’t much of a rim protector. Why does he hate the 5 ? Because its going to take its toll by the all star game. Al is pretty durable but he will take his lumps from guys like Howard, JV, Gortat , Drummond and Biz et al as they crash the Celts defensive glass. Al “Ice Bath” Horford is going to wear down before the post season.

    5. Marcus Smart is in a contract year. Undoubtedly he wants to make an impression and get paid. Marcus is really good when he doesn’t take on too much. Human nature will take over here as he pursues a serious contract. He will try to take on an increased role on the offensive end as offensive guys get paid a lot more than defensive guys. Problem is Marcus is a bricklayer of epic proportions on offense. 28% from 3. When Irving is sitting and Smart is running the offense it could be ugly in a league that’s all about the 3.

    6. Bostons interior defense was crappy last year and its going to be crappy this year at the TD Garden. Last year though the Chowderheads made up for it with really good perimeter defense. Problem is all those sandpaper hard ass guys are gone. Bradely is in Detroit. Olynyk is in Miami, Amir is in Philly and Crowder is in Cleveland. Without these guys not only do the Celtics look soft… they are soft… Ice cream soft on a hot day.

    7. Rebounding. The Celts don’t have any. They have two guys over 6 foot 8 inches tall. Aaron Baynes who backed up Andre Drummond on the 10th place Celtics and Al Horford are the guys who are going to have to get it done. Colour me skeptical.

    8. Continuity helps teams. The Chowderheads are going to have to integrate 11.. count em again.. 11 new players into the team schemes. Did the seniors all graduate ? Of the 4 returning players only Horford started. The rest came in off the bench. Lots to work on here. The conventional wisdom is that they will have it worked out by the end of the year. We’ll see.

    9. With the exit of Isaiah Thomas a lot of scoring has left the building (its replaced by Irving) but what Irving or Hayward or Tatum or Brown wont and can’t replace is the warrior like courage and leadership that Thomas brought. The little general led that team no questions asked. The Celtics will find a new go to guy in terms of leadership ... but that is going to take time. Irving and Hayward don’t have it. Horford isn’t particularly vocal. Smart is an asshole. Combine the vacuum of leadership with just how soft the Celts are and there are going to be some long nights.

    10. The Chowders are now capped out and have moved on from all the top 5 Nets picks they had. Their bankroll of assets is considerably thinner. There is the river of shit on Anthony Davis but with Horford and Hayward making 30, Irving making 20 and Smart as an RFA with a decent sized cap hold its hard to see how Davis fits in under the cap when you have 4 guys combining to making close to 100M next year. A trade ? Well salaries still need to match and Davis has an AAV of 26M. So who is going if Nawlins says no to Horford as the central piece. But he is an expiring contract you say ? Yes he is.. but if you suck beyond belief it doesn’t matter how much cap room you have.. no one wants to play for a lousy team .. The Nets, Knicks and to date Lakers are testament to that.

    So a 57 win season per CBS . LMAO.. The Heat with Lebron and Bosh and Wade didn’t get to 60 a couple of times during their hayday in Miami… and this years Celts don’t have anyone resembling that trio.

    Nope…you read it here. Boston doesn’t get to 50 wins this year and doesn’t get out of the 2nd round.

    And oh yeah.. .Fuck Boston.

    Dude, how are you right now?

    Needling you with a million Katanas

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