To LA Clippers: DeMar DeRozan, Serge Ibaka

To Toronto: Tobias Harris, Patrick Beverly, sign and trade Avery Bradly, 2018 12th pick and a 2021 first round pick

Reasons for LA: I think that franchise needs to stay relevant, with a healthy Galo this team would be fun to watch. Serge and DeAndre would be a nightmare inside, and DeMar would get to go back home.

Reasons for Toronto: Mostly Draft picks but we also get three good players to play along our young core. All three guys are 3 and D players. If all our young guys can take another leap, we should be a good team going forward.


Plus a rookie and possibly a veteran FA

I also think Lowry to Phili for the 10th pick would be intriguing. He would be a great fit!