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Thread: Has anyone changed the game more drastically individually than Steph Curry?

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    Default Has anyone changed the game more drastically individually than Steph Curry?

    I saw this question on Twitter and it was interesting reading the replies.

    NBA basketball went from a traditional style of play, to the stretch four, to the 3-point shot becoming the most dominant aspect of basketball right now.

    Big men and players that never were shooters, or never required to be great shooters, are now asked to adapt to "today's" game and develop their range.

    Personally, I think LeBron might've changed the game drastically -- he always need shooters around him to exploit defenses. As soon as his teams started to play small, playing four shooters, teams started to adjust defensively. Stretch fours became the centres. Bosh went from being one of the best power forwards, to a stretch centre with LeBron.

    What do you all think? Did Steph Curry himself drastically change the game today?
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    I'd say the modern NBA evolution is partly due to Steph but also due to Steven Kerr and Moreyball. Steph had five seasons under his belt before Kerr took the 12th-ranked offense of Mark Jackson and turned it into the 2nd-ranked one. Daryl Morey's use of analytics and institutional banning of shots other than 3s and free throws also heavily influenced the game.

    I don't think any rules have changed due to Steph. At least a few rules changed due to Wilt (free throw line dunking, widened lane, offensive goaltending).

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