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Thread: Game #26: PHI @ TOR, Wednesday December 5th 2018, 8 PM ET

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    Quote G__Deane wrote: View Post
    I'm an unashamed hop-head. 80+ IBU IPA's is where it's at. It's like good red wine or spicy food, after a while more is betterer
    Collective Arts (Hamilton) Ransack the Universe or Rhyme and Reason, Flying Monkeys (Barrie) Hoptical Illusion or Smashbomb, Amsterdam's (Toronto) Boneshaker. I used to like Mill Streets (Toronto) Tankhouse Ale until Labatt's/Anheuser/InBev bought them and now I won't touch it out of principle. Their session Ales and IPA are only OK.

    Pilsner Urquell is great as a trainer beer Wheat beer? Blah!

    Bigger beers from smaller breweries that don't have to pasteurize or otherwise preserve are better lol but they sure aren't for everyone.
    I'm also a big hop head, and love a good beer. I even got into making it myself.

    I think the big thing for anyone, is finding a beer style they like. Some dudes love wheat, others stouts. Other's like big bitter hoppy beers, other like citrus fruity NEIPA. I think the biggest issue with a lot of craft breweries is that they try to make a bunch of different styles to feed everyone tastes, instead of picking up a couple they are really good at.

    Personally I love most things from Bellwoods, Blood Brother's and Burdock in the city. I'm down with IPA, (especially NEIPA's, IIPA's Milkshakes) Sours, and Saisons. But beer changes as it ages, some are better young, others are better aged. As someone who has tried literally hundreds if not thousands of different beers, I will say that just because I didn't like a beer, doesn't mean its not good. Someones else's pallet might dig it.

    After making it myself, I will say, that the big breweries beer's taste a lot like corn or rice (they use a lot of it as it's cheaper than malt) If that's what your used to it tastes fine (in university I had no problem with it) but now after tasting others I will say its not my favourite. I'll still drink it though.

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    Quote slaw wrote: View Post
    Well, leaving aside DS' answer and all the obvious rights-holder issues, Rogers would never air an ESPN feed, as ESPN owns part of TSN, so it wouldn't showcase it's competitor. That would be bizarre.

    It also makes zero sense as to why TSN would pay ESPN to air a feed of a basketball it has already paid once to broadcast.
    Then theres that...

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    Quote Nilanka wrote: View Post

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    Quote Yuri Gagarin wrote: View Post
    Yes it sounds like your a hop head �� Amsterdam is ok went there years ago it was only place to get beer when beer stores were closed on sundays. I frequented upper canada brewery in the 80s me and my crew knew them so we got free testers - for hours .if im not mistaking upper canada was like the first “craft” brewery around mid/late 80s IPAs I dont get. Wheat beers are tha bomb bro. Cold hoegaarden in their frozen mug is delicious heaven
    Upper Canada was the first "macro" micro got huge and had at least 10-12 beers. It started in 1985 and was one of the biggest independents in Canada until Sleeman (also a massive independent at that time) bought it in 1998 when they proceeded to kill all but two labels. The original owner of Upper Canada (Frank Heaps) then funded his son and some buddies to start Steam Whistle Brewery in Toronto.

    Sleeman was eventually sold to Japan's Sapporo Brewery in 2006 for $400+M

    I won't buy any of their swill any more either

    Every beer lover needs to put the Great Amercian Beer Festival in Denver on their bucket list but
    you need to work your liver up to it!

    Independent micros or nothing!
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