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Thread: I am Afraid Lowry's Time is Up

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    Default I am Afraid Lowry's Time is Up

    I believe Lowry's time with the Raptors are done, his not the same anymore, I know his value is at an all time low but I say we pull the trigger now then later if he persists with his not-so-stellar game. I believe psychologically, his overwhelmed. First with the departure of his buddy DeRozan and second he needs to adjust with the uptempo style of Kawhi Leonard who probably does not act like a bro like DeRozan was to Lowry. I say it's time to trade him.

    Couple of interesting trades involve Lowry.

    Detroit - Lowry, and JV for Drummond and Reggie Jackson
    - This move will be a big time block buster move. Lowry and JV will reunite with Casey and I believe JV will pair well with Griffin than Ibaka.
    - Reggie Jackson is our PG this year and next and Drummond, I like his game this year but who knows, maybe his playing under Casey, will he be the same with us

    Philly - Lowry for Markelle Fulz, Wilson Chandler, and Mike Muscala
    - This move will give Lowry a chance to go back to his hometown and play with one of the best team in the East to form a strong roster of Lowry, Redick, Butler, Simmons, and Embiid, their bench look solid as well.
    - As for the Raptors, our prize is their first pick Markelle Fulz, I believe can turn his game around and become our franchise go to PG. Wilson Chandler can be waived or stick around and be our backup SF whereas Muscala, I like his game, waive Monroe and keep Muscala as our third string C

    Washington - Lowry, JV, and OG Anunoby for John Wall and Bradley Beal
    - This move looks good on paper but who knows, John Wall is cancer but I like Bradley Beal. will Wall and Beal keep Kawhi sign with us this summer, who knows. We would be a tremendous up tempo game, our team would be unstoppable if Wall gets his game up again.
    - Lowry and JV would look solid with the Wizards, they will bring veteran leadership and OG would be a great addition for the team when they desperately need a starting PF

    Houston - Lowry for Eric Gordan and Brandon Knight (waived)
    - This move brings us Eric Gordan who would start at the 2 spot for us or comes off the bench to light up the bench after Danny Green. With this move, we start either Delon or FVV
    - Lowry goes back to Houston and at his career, he needs to come off the bench and become a role player, maybe Lowry is that missing piece for the Rockets to get back to the playoff seed

    Memphis - Lowry, JV, OG, future pick for Mike Conley and Marc Gasol
    - Big block buster move, we get a healthy Conley to run the team and a nice addition in Gasol, to solidify our eastern championship and go 1-1 with the West for the championship team
    - The Grizzlies acquire back their draft pick in Lowry, a nice veteran C in JV and a nice prospect in OG

    Portland - Lowry, Norm for Lillard and Mo Harkless
    - Big block buster move, we get Lillard who probably will be the catalyst for Kawhi to stay with the Raptors, I like to see both on the same team play. Mo Harkless would be a nice backup option for Kawhi
    - Lowry goes to Portland whereas Norm needs to play for a team which would utilize his skills more

    Sacramento - Lowry for Zach Randolph, Kostas Koufos, and DeAaron Fox
    - The ideal trade which we acquire a huge asset in DeAaron Fox who would be our starting PG for years to come. Zach Randolph can be our backup C and we need to waive two players for Randolph and Koufos
    - Lowry would look good in Kings uniform, his veteran leadership and mentality could bring some promise for the Kings, he might find a new buddy in Buddy Hield

    San Antonio - Lowry for Pau Gasol and Patty Mills
    - This deal allows Pau Gasol to retire as a Raptors and we play Patty Mills as our starting PG or backup FVV
    - Lowry reunites with his buddy DeRozan and Rudy Gay

    Utah - Lowry for Ricky Rubio and Dante Exum
    - This deal allows Lowry to play with Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Golbert
    - We acquire Ricky Rubio who would fit this team now as we have become an uptempo team. Perhaps a change of scenery would improve Dante Exum's game and switch to his natural position as our 2 guard

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    I legit believe JV would call his agent immediately and ask for a buyout if he got traded anywhere near Dwane " Pound the rock" Casey

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    Man absolutely non of these trades are close to realistic but some of them, like the Jazz one, would be amazing lol.

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    Wait, so Lowry's "psychological issues" are beyond repairing, but you are willing to take on Markelle Fultz??!

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