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Thread: Aren't the Raptors and Eveyone else Just playing for second ?

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    Quote guyroch wrote: View Post
    The Raptors strength is their depth ( with JV coming back it will get better ) to gut your team to get Davis your subtracting one strength just to make your starting 5 stronger ... A strong second unit that can keep the opposition starters on longer then they should will just make your first unit stronger in the 4th quarter . Saying that ... Golden State can run up the score with 3's with little energy ..
    If you have MVP calibre starters, then you only need 2 (maybe 3) decent bench guys in the playoffs. Basically, bench guys who don't suck to the level where they're going to create 10+ point deficits your MVP starters have to claw back from. You don't need great depth, you just need to minimize having trash players in the game while the starters rest. Another huge benefit about having 2 MVP calibre guys is the ability to stagger them to prop up those bench/transition units.

    This concept of having a 5-deep, all bench mob needs to die. It helps get you through the dog-days of the regular season, but it's fool's gold to think it's a real advantage in the playoffs.

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    Depth is great. Depth has gotten many a team 50 wins (even 60) and a 2nd round appearance. But superstars trump depth. No team in history has won a title because they have great 6th to 10th men in the rotation. I mean it helps, if you've already got the stars.
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