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Thread: Chris Bosh’s best season is dispelling critics (SLAM)

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    Default Chris Bosh’s best season is dispelling critics (SLAM)

    Link - The Right Kind of Buzz

    I won’t boast Bosh, or praise a team that before their improvement was becoming one of the worst defensive teams in NBA history. What I will do is map out a player that has been subject to so much criticism in his seven-year career that it takes a RuPaul joke for anyone to take notice. If you’ve followed Chris through his time in TO you know how much media attention he receives north of the border, and how little attention he attracts from the US. These days it’s different. Bosh gets buzz… so big, he can probably sell a blank disc.
    Whatever the case may be; Bosh didn’t come into the League with everyone expecting him to take the NBA by storm. That was Bron’s duty. And Melo. And Wade. Bosh arrived quietly. The same won’t be said when he leaves.
    Pretty good read. The writer also details all of Bosh's strenghts (some of which were at one time his weaknesses).

    Bosh is definitely on his way to becoming the premier dominant PF this decade - and in the process becoming a future HOF candidate.
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