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  • It just seems to me and I could be wrong but

    1. There are a lot of new posters since the season ended and I just wonder where their allegiance lies

    2. Nothing of real import is happening and I know I could be wrong on this but I think that in the end Bosh will stay. Therefore all of these hypothetical S&T deals and the discussions that come out of it just seem meaningless.

    Again I could definitely be wrong on this but that is my sense of it. When I started that thread about how the Raptors could improve if Bosh stays there was one post on the thead where someone linked a Houston wants Bosh sight or something. Come on now. That just seems a bit too much. Obviously they have a right to post this stuff but if I want to read that I will start going to Rockets blogs and websites not Raptors ones.

    So the whole thing is just irritating me no end. So rather than start posting stuff that I know I shouldn't in response to what I see going on I thought it was best to just take a break until something meaningful happens.

    However I will be logging in and if you want to discuss some thoughts it would be great. I always enjoy discussing Raptors related stuff with you even though we may not always agree

    I will also be tweeting a bit about NBA stuff that is going on @buddahfan. Just ignore my political tweets of which there aren't too many and who I am following unless you are a fan of The Arctic Fox

    P.S. Last night the Celtics looked a step slower most of the night and by the end of the fourth quarter Pierce was laboring and Garnett was totally gassed. They showed a shot of his face just before the overtime and you could see it that there was no way that he wanted to play anymore.

    Even though it has never been done before, coming back from three down I think that the Magic have a shot at it. I think that they will not lose anymore to the Celtics in Orlando. The question is can they win game #6 in Boston. Stay tuned. I think it is going to get very interesting.

    Also, I posted before I still think that the Suns could still win the series against the Lakers even though Jackson has never lost a playoffs series 46-0 when his team has won the first game. To me this series is still too close to call even though I am rooting for the Lakers

    P.P.S. I think what really got me last night was one post in which someone suggested that the Raptors would be better off with Whiteside than Johnson. I know that I am partial toward Big Dawg but that was a bit too much. I don't recall if it was a "Rookie" or not that posted that comment. It really doesn't matter.

    Take care my friend and we will stay in touch. Lets just agree to not discuss politics unless we agree, which I doubt that we do.
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