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  • Top of the morning to you Dr.

    Thanks for tweeting my thread.

    Just to give you a head's up. I won't be posting on the Forum or RR until the draft unless something of consequence regarding the Raptors happens beforehand.

    Its gotten a bit too crazy for me with all this sign and trade stuff especially when I really think that Bosh will stay. I could obviously be wrong but based upon what I think I just find all this sign and trade talk a bit much. Also some of the new posters; i.e. rookies seem like they might be trolling for another team because they would love to steal Bosh from the Raptors.

    Anyway, I think hoops fans are generally bored if they don't support one of the four still standing so they are just posting a lot of stuff that doesn't interest me.

    I do really believe that Bosh will stay. I just hope that his knees aren't really falling apart and that the Raptors don't get stuck with a max contract invalid in about four years.

    I have contacted some other members of the board and mentioned that in the meantime; i.e. before June 24th if they want to discuss anything Raptors or hoops related they can just send me a message or vice versa.

    Take care my friend, do stay in touch and stay Raptors and life optimistic.
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