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  • One poster made a completely harmless, tongue-in-cheek remark about Abbas, which had nothing even remotely racist in it.

    You jumped in and attempted to moderate a fellow poster, which is against posted forum rules.

    I reminded you and everybody else about the rules, and told you that you're free to report posts and send PMs about posts/posters to any Admin/Mod that you want, if you feel they've broken a rule.

    I deleted all public posts that continued to break the peer-moderating rule, as well as the arguing with Admins/Mods rule. I still told you to have that conversation and voice your opinions on those topics, just via PM - not in public. You chose to blatantly disregard both public and private reminders and warnings, hence the infractions and deleted posts.

    You clearly are taking issue at a particular poster because of previous comments made, which had absolutely no bearing on today's conversation. They are two entirely different situations, no matter how hard you're trying to blend them into one, to make today's exchange about racism, personal attacks and censorship.