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  • The post you moderated today said:

    "God help us when Abbas is the voice of reason. He's right though, no need to overreact just yet. If we lose to the Bucks though..."

    There is nothing racist in that post.

    There is no personal attack in that post.

    No matter what was in that post, it's not your place to moderate.

    To be frank, moderating a conversation that didn't involve you, calling Scraptor a racist and bully (by insinuating a personal attack), ignoring multiple public and private reminders about the forum rules, and ignoring multiple public and private warnings, does all ad up to be "hypersensitive" or overreacting, or whatever else you want to call it.

    I have no idea what you are referring to about racist remarks, but the conversation that I got involved in today had absolutely nothing to do with whatever may have happened in the past. If there was a racist comment or personal attack made in the past, the Admins/Mods can (or have) deal with it. However, that would be a completely separate issue from today, which started with you breaking several forum rules by moderating a fellow member, and then arguing publically with a Moderator.

    End of story.