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  • If I said "God help us when CalgaryRapsFan is the voice of reason."; you wouldn't consider that a personal attack?
    I never called Scraptor a racist or a bully. False accusations.
    I did not ignore public or private warning. I asked for clarification and appeal. My comments were deleted. So were comments made by Sinbad. We only appealed to decency. We are not guilty of anything.
    I don't appreciate you and KeonClark insulting me. Describing my personal character as hypersensitive is a personal attack. You don't know me.
    Just because you didn't "witness" the Holocaust or if it happened "yesterday", doesn't mean it didnt happen or that it's ok to use it as an analogy to a basketball game. I and Sinbad spoke out against it and today in your presence I was described as hypersensitive by the same guy, KeonClark, that made those Hitler remarks. He, reintroduced the discussion into today. He specifically cited our previous conversations. You witnessed that, today.
    Yeah, I am hypersensitive to the Holocaust. A lot of people are. It's bigger than basketball and certainly a fan forum or its rules. You think that's ok!? You think the violation here is that I'm infringing on your role as a moderator? And then you censor my appeals.
    I honestly feel really violated and sickened. All I did was say don't pick on Abbass and don't compare basketball to Hitler and racist police killing. It's not funny and it's not right. In this world or any other. It's just gross and worse yet to argue that it's not gross.