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  • So instead of adjudicating the situation properly, he just deleted posts indiscriminately, slapped everyone with infractions, and parroted the standard line of "forum rules"? None of this surprises me. It smacks of incompetence. I don't know Abbas very well, nor do I follow many of his posts, but nobody deserves to be strong-armed or demeaned when all we're doing is discussing/debating aspects of the Raptors.

    As for CalgaryRapsFan, I read the conversation. I'm not impressed, but he isn't the first person in a quasi-authority/leadership position to side with someone who personally attacks others or makes inflammatory comments or allusions, and he won't be the last. Calling someone hypersensitive on that particular subject matter is such a slap in the face, and deleting the posts is petty. As soon as I figure out how to delete my forum account, I'm gone.