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  • I already explained that the conversation I got involved in today started with you moderating a fellow member.

    Nothing in the message you attempted to moderate had reference to police, racism, Hitler, holocaust, or you.

    I encourage you to report posts and/or members that include insensitive remarks, but there is a process to do that. You can report a post, by clicking the little triangle with a "!" in it, which is in the bottom-left corner of every message, just above where you click to "like" a post. If you do that, every Admin/Mod automatically gets a message.

    I also encouraged you to send private messages to any/all Admins/Mods, if you felt we weren't giving enough attention to a particular issue. I simply pointed out that doing so in public was not in accordance with the rules.

    If somebody said something horrible prior to you moderating the message about Abbas, then the Admins/Mods will deal with it. However, you moderating a fellow member is an unrelated issue, which is the point you seem to miss. I was dealing with the second issue, and encouraged you to follow the appropriate process to deal with the first.

    Calling you oversensitive, given the way you reacted to harmless post, isn't really an insult. You did overreact, and you broke the rules. Remember, the post in question DID NOT include any of the racial stuff you're referring to, even it involved the same poster.