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  • But you are missing the point that I wasn't speaking to KeonClark and he jumped into the conversation and insulted me, referencing the conversation in question. I also don't see any investigation on your part to discipline keon on those remarks!? I've reported it to you several times and you blame me for not reporting it sooner!? You're not distancing yourself or RR from those remarks. They remain in the forum. You remove objections but not the offense!? RR condones hate speech!?
    "God help us if 'you are' the voice of reason".
    Tongue in cheek, of course.
    There's no over reacting to the atrocities of Hitler, you dolt, tongue in cheek, of course.
    Like are you playing Fife in your fifedom or what!? It's pathetic. Tongue in cheek, of course.
    I don't want your moderator job dude but I'm not gonna listen to hate speech and people constantly picking on Abbas, even when he's not in the room. It's gross. I tell someone not to pick on Abbas and your whole basis for this farce is that i'm infringing on your moderation duties!? It's pathetic, tongue in cheek, of course.
    Who's in charge? You're not the voice of reason. Tongue in cheek, of course.
    Stop deleting my posts. I'd like to speak to someone else. Don't post here. Don't post on my comments. I'm not interested in dealing with people that condone hate speech. I gotta believe there's at least one mod at RR that understands this or I am happy to be banned. Not gonna spend my time with people who think that's ok.
    I don't know what passes for human decency in butt-fuck Alberta but in the civilized world, hate speech is not ok, tongue in cheek, of course.