The guy isn't ever gonna do anything spectacular, nor will he be anything more than a back up point guard, but heres what I've noticed about him and about the Raptors in general.

Our starters generally get us a lead in the first quarter, only to have the bench come in and blow it in the first 4 minutes of the second quarter.

Cue Telfair. A pass first, controlled, patient pg replaces the erratic JL3 and all of a sudden we can hold our leads. Maybe they give up 2-4 points when they sub in, but its not the old JL3-run bench that goes -12 in 6 minutes.

If he will resign for like 3-4 million a year for a couple years I'd pull the trigger. He is exactly what we need as a back up guard who can go in when Lowry is struggling or just needs a breather, and you can count on him to protect the ball and not make rash, annoying decisions.

As well, when it's time for the starters to go back in, it's obviously a way better situation for them when they're still up 4-5 points and not down 3 after all their hard work from the first quarter. I think it goes a long way when your backup pg is just a fundamentally solid, nothing spectacular, nothing flashy, type player.

What do you think? Do you guys agree that he makes a much bigger impact that the score sheet lets on?