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    ebrian wrote: View Post
    It's sick in terms of the talent on the floor but that's still 3 guys who need the ball in their hands to be effective. I would not mind at all if we "dumbed down" the SG position by trading DeRozan for a legit starting PF and letting Ross/Landry sort things out. There's just too many ball dominant guys for us to operate as a functional unit.
    I agree, however, I'm not sure that trading Derozan for a "legit" starting PF will solve any issues. The names out there include Pau, Boozer, and Millsap, each of who are good offensive players that may require the ball as much as Derozan. We replace one ball dominant guy with another. I can see the benefits of having a great low post player however, and envision JV will be that force. I am also patient in this regard. Nonetheless, I'm for "dumbing down" the SG position as well, but would rather see some quality bench players added instead. Personally, I hate the idea of moving Derozan, but he is our best trade chip. I'd rather see him stay and come off the bench rather than be traded, but it's unlikely this will happen.