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name the best raptors of all time

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    Letter N wrote: View Post
    Option 4, you don't know jack about ball if you're saying Peja Stojakovich was better than T-Mac at any point. Option 5 you just looked up some stats and tried to be different by comparing the THIRD OPTION on a stacked team with 2 of the best passing big men in the era to a perennial MVP candidate.

    Also Hedo's 07-08 is right in line with Peja's best. You remember 07-08 for Hedo, when he was the 3rd option on a team with 2 big men that drew double teams. Or you probably don't, maybe you should go look up numbers about it.
    Haha are you stupid or just trying to be aggravating?

    My posts never said Peja was better than T Mac. I said the gap wasn't as large as people think. You undervalue Peja. He wasn't the 3rd option at all, he led the team in scoring that year. So stop being a dummy and educate yourself.
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      Comparing Hedo to Peja is completely ridiculous. I don't care what numbers you use to make the comparison. Seems to me Letter N is really underrating Peja, seemingly because he happened to play on a stacked team with 2 great passing big men.


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        PG - Damon / Lowry
        SG - VC / DeMar
        SF - TMac / Gay
        PF - Bosh / Garbo
        C - Davis / JV
        6th man - MoPete / Oak / Jose

        Hakeem at his peak as a Raptor was straight garbage. Ditto with Peja


        PG - Hedo Turkaglu
        SG - Hedo Turkaglu
        SF - Hedo Turkaglu
        PF - Hedo Turkaglu
        C - Hedo Turkaglu


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          Roko Ukic

          *Drops mic*