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Why Its OK If Bosh Leaves

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  • Why Its OK If Bosh Leaves

    Ok, up until a few days ago I was all for giving Bosh a max contract and keeping him in a raps uni for the next 5-6 years.
    Now? I really don't think he is worth a max contract, Yes he puts up great numbers, and yes he does it efficiently, and yes he is a great PF, however, since he came back from injury he has reverted to his old ways of offensive flow killing low IQ jumpshooting wuss.

    Take tonights game for instance, he single-handedly killed the flow of the game in the fourth with his insacious need to catch the ball in the high post and wait......size up....wait.....fake.....then either fire a fade-away jumper or make the wrong pass out of a double team leading to last second shot attempts from guys that shouldn't be put in that position. THIS RUINS FLOW, and also has the rest of the team standing around wondering if Bosh will actually drive to the rim.

    Did you guys see D.Wade? he understands in crunch time the need to attack the basket and not settle for jumpers, HE IS A MAX PLAYER, bosh is not, and frankly, he really doesn't deserve it, although he believes he does and will get it.

    Chris is still a fantastic player, but he will not lead this team, or any other, to a championship as a main cog, he just doesn't have it in him.

    With that said, does anyone think a CB4 and CP3 swap in the offseason could be done? With Collison stepping and showing that he is ready to run a team, the hornets could replace D.West with Bosh and really improve their team. I don't need to state why CP3 would be an amazing fit as we all know his ability to drive and kick.

    I for one, really like Bosh and most of his game, but I would not be sad to see him go if we could an impact player like Paul in return.


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    i think, that we could possibly get a bargain for bosh should he opt for a s&t in the offseason. meaning, we can get almost as good a talent, for waaay cheaper the price. anyway he's been playing as if the season's over these past few weeks. hopefully the rest of the nba don't see it as that and still considers him max player. that way we could get a good bargain for him.

    i would love for cp3 on a raps uniform. but, i doubt this will happen.


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      No way we get CP3 in a S&T for Bosh... I have no idea what is going on with Bosh but I guess he figures the max deal is a given no matter what. Is he trying not to get hurt before the big payday? Maybe he owes Amare a favour and is trying to make him look like a max player as well...

      At this point I'm kinda hoping Chicago passes us for that 8th seed so we keep our lottery pick. Time for paper bags and reversible jerseys in Toronto?


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        As much as I hate to admit, you're right Gats. I'd rather keep the pick than watch them get swept. B.C. might end up trading it away for useless, has-been/never-were, no-hearted shmucks like usual though...


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          Giving out max money is tough. Comparing Bosh around the league to the guys making 15 million, then ya, I say Bosh is a better player and probably a max money guy. But is he as good as Wade and James, who will both get max deals this summer? No, he isn't. Now at the end of that max deal i may prefer Bosh over Wade since he is a couple years young than Wade, and big guys tend to age better. But that would be splitting hairs.

          I would give CB4 the max this summer though, I don't think he is the problem. To be a 2nd round team while being under the luxury tax is tough. You need to have bargains on your roster. Where are Toronto's good contracts?

          The only two clearly good deals are Weems and Amir. Besides Bosh, those are the only two players who are playing above their current salary level. Marco, Wright, Demar, and Jack are all playing at a level you would expect given their current deals. But then you got Jose, Hedo, Banks, and Evans. What you have there is 30 million dollars in contracts, giving you about 8 million dollars worth of performance. That could get you Shane Battier, Kyle Lowry, and Brendan Haywood, with 15 million left over.

          It is just crazy how much this team is wasting in awful contracts. That is what is killing this team, not CB4. The good news is that Banks and Evans are on expiring deals next year, and there is still a market for Jose, you could find a taker for him this summer, but you would likely get only expiring deals in return. Still, that frees up 20 million dollars. Hedo isn't going anywhere, but by surrounding him with the right players you can get a lot more out of him than The Raps have this year.
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            Gats wrote: View Post
            No way we get CP3 in a S&T for Bosh...
            Two problems with this, first, why do the Hornets pull the trigger on this? Paul is a far better player and they already have David West. Second, why would Bosh want to essentially sign with the Hornets out of all his options?


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              Apollo wrote: View Post
              Two problems with this, first, why do the Hornets pull the trigger on this? Paul is a far better player and they already have David West. Second, why would Bosh want to essentially sign with the Hornets out of all his options?
              Well, Bosh would sign with New Orleans for only one reason... to play with Chris Paul. So obviously he wouldn't be included in any deal. But the Hornets would happily pair Bosh with Paul. West would be shipped out of town in a heartbeat. West is a good player, but not on the same planet as CB4. The Raptors interest in this deal would center around Darren Collison, who looks like he will be a great point guard for many years to come. If Bosh were to leave in a S&T this summer, Toronto could do worse than Collison, The Hornets 2010 Lottery Pick, a 2012 first rounder, David West, and filler.
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                The Hornets have been dealing with financial issues as of late. I'm not sure they sign on to pay Bosh ten-fourteen million more per year to give them only slightly greater returns in the stats department. Does six points and three rebounds deserve ten to fourteen million more(per year)? I don't know, I think West has one of the better contracts in the league.
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                  Judging how we got Hedo this summer out of nowhere, I'd say anything's possible when it comes to trades. You could have, say a 4 or 5-team trade and somehow end up with a guy you wouldn't have dreamed of. The Hornets, wouldn't necessarily have to get Chris Bosh in return. That way it works. But, somehow I doubt them willing to part with Chris Paul, no matter how good they think Collison is, or will be. They need to add better players around him rather than deal him away.


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                    The Hornets defiantly are going to make a move with either Collison or Paul. On paper its pretty easy, Paul is the best point guard in the L, why would you trade him for anyone not named Bron.

                    Paul for Bosh is pretty ludicrous because it doens't make them better or most cost efficient.

                    The problem with the hornets is that thier team is in the poor house and they are no where near championship contenders. So its possible they would move Paul and keep Collison simply because you can get 70 percent of what Paul does for 10 percent of the price.

                    You could possibly get Bosh and Paul if you gave up Derozan and Amir, absorbed Poseys contract and somehow conjured up a top 5 lottery pick packaged with banks/reggie to match.