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Smith Feels Bosh is as Good As Gone

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  • Smith Feels Bosh is as Good As Gone

    Not implying Doug is the be all, end all of Raptors opinions, but considering a month or two ago he was convinced Bosh was staying, it's amazing what alot of losing will do to change one's perspective on things.

    [Comment From Andre ]
    Doug.. Is it safe to say Bosh is as good as gone, Turkoglu will be traded and Triano will be relieved of his duties?

    Doug: Yes, no, no'

    [Comment From LeeZ ]
    Your affirmative answer to the "is Bosh as good as gone" question: is this based in part on inside info you may have, or is it simply your opinion as an observer?

    Doug: My opinion as an observer; six weeks ago, I would have said he was staying; I've said all along I don't think any decision has been reached and it won't be until the dust settles.
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    So Doug is on board with what now seems obvious... I hope they can get something of value back in losing Bosh.


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      hmmm i wonder what we can get
      other than a bunch of shitty contracts


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        Bynum was a rumor going around heavily before the trade deadline. David Lee is a possibility. I'm sure the Rockets and Spurs will be calling with offers. The Mavs can offer a lot. They would be very interesting if they were willing to take on Hedo... Cuban has deep pockets. I mean what if they were willing to swap Hedo for Dampier(expiring contract in 2011), toss in Butler(expiring in 2011) and Haywood(S&T) for Bosh(S&T)?
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          Here is a whatif in what has been a whatif season so far....

          If we are to trust our instincts that Bosh has decided to leave...and circumstances change unexpectedly in July (eg. one of the other max types decide to go in a different direction or an absolute max is unavailable for CB or he gets injured and his value to others goes down etc) ..

          How would you feel if he then decides to stay in TO primarily because the most money (assuming BC is still willing to go max with Bosh) is only available here? Assuming he opts out of his final yr....

          1) Give him the max.
          2) Sign him to a lower than max #
          3) Just trade him

          I am wavering...but definitely not #1