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    That’s Maury’s lesson on marketing


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      Maury wrote: View Post

      Yeah… people associate Paul with insurance. Subconsciously they (likely) are creating a positive association with the brand. When it’s time for insurance and they’re looking at the different brands, state farm stands out. Boom, ROI.
      The idea was Paul protects the ball, so like insurance. I think.


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        planetmars wrote: View Post

        Only makes sense to sponsor something that your typical fan uses. That's why you see these sports celebs in junk food commercials, or gambling ads. The weird ones are the ones where they represent some bank or insurance company. I mean Chris Paul is doing State Farm commercials for some reason. Lowry is in that Remax ad. So I guess it can be a bit broad. But those never made sense to me. I'm not buying State Farm insurance because Chris Paul is representing them.

        I don't remember the last time I saw a celebrity in a car ad. Bryan Cranston does the voice work for Ford F150, but that's just his voice.
        Matthew McConaughey relentlessly hucking for Lincoln of all things immediately comes to mind. There's one running now with a Formula One or NASCAR diver in it.
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          golden wrote: View Post
          Top 100 Funniest Commercials feat NBA Players

          papa louie

          Toronto has teams in nearly every North American major professional league, including the Toronto Blue Jays (MLB), Toronto Argonauts (CFL), Toronto Raptors (NBA), Toronto FC (MLS) and the Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL).


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            G____Deane wrote: View Post
            I just saw Gradey already making bank in Toronto with ads for Gillette (the cringey Team Smooth commercials like FVV, OG and GTJr) and McDonalds, repurposing the draft night jacket. It looks like the PB&J ads have mercifully died a slow death al la Jac and PSkills. Nurse did stuff for Sun Life and McDonalds.

            Just thinking, obviously Auston Matthews and Marner get a few TV endorsements (Matthews RBC ads are the worst of all and the regrettable gambling ads) to go along with the Raptors cashing in. The Jays had the horrible Vlad/Springer Smuckers commercial made bearable just becuase Guerrero seemed legitimately to be having fun with it and then the truly bad Mary Brown's Fried Chicken ones with Manoah and Springer.

            Good for them I guess but guys making 10-20-30M a year hawking bad products. Gretzky's make me embarrassed for him, Connor McDavid's are puzzling. Can't believe any of those ads would make someone more inclined to use the products represented.....I could see kids gravitating to McDonalds or Smuckers more I guess.
            Matthews and Marner's ad ventures? ** Yeah, the RBC ads are rougher than sandpaper on... well, you get the picture. And those gambling promos? Yikes. The only OK gambling promo is the 's, everything else is just.. Not a good look for anyone.
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