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Do you think this team has an urgent need in PF position ?

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    MACK11 wrote: View Post
    I'm just scared of what's he gonna endure on a nightly basis if he starts. He's gonna be physically dominated pretty much every single night and he's already scared of rebounding.
    on a normal team the PF position gets rotated based on matchup. with Casey, Demarre will probably be getting the most time there


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      I think the concern I have is that no matter if that position was upgraded, we have a Coach that will fail to make the proper adjustments and can lose anyway. This would be true even if the Raptors some how got LMA. So a new coach in my opinion is far more important.

      But 2Pat is a backup. He has never proven to me that he can start. Raptors don't have a tier one player to help offset his deficiencies (defense/rebounding) and as such you'd want a guy that can do more. Last year he and JV were awful on defense together and I don't like Biyombo starting, as he's a terrible offensive player. Carroll is not a 4 and should only play the 4 for rare situations.

      So if the Raptors are to be feared in the playoffs than they absolutely need to upgrade the PF spot. The only way they can do that this year would be to trade either Lowry, DD or JV or to move some of their first round picks (which is really risky). But if you move Lowry the team could lose a lot more than they could gain with an upgraded PF.

      I do feel that a DD/PF swap is the best move for the short term and long term. Or a trade to get a Faried type of player - assuming Masai can do it without cleaning out the cupboards.


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        I think Patterson should be okay as the starting 4, largely thanks to DC at the 3. I love the though of having all that shooting around DeMar and Jonas, presuming Lowry has his hand/long-ball in order.


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          Seriously though, sign Matt Bonner already!