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Talent vs Effort (or, the T:E Ratio)

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  • Talent vs Effort (or, the T:E Ratio)

    Are you a fan of a local basketball team that can sometimes drive you batty? You think you understand them one minute and are utterly confused the next? They play like worldbeaters against a division leader and then go...let's say down 12-0 to the sixers to start a game. A team that has only 15 losses but almost half are to teams they should be blowing out? If so, you are a perplexed Raptor fan. Might the following be an answer?
    As it stands, I feel that the raptors are a team that has some degree of talent but they rely a lot on effort. It takes effort to fight through screens, scramble, close out on shooters. It takes effort to set good screens, fight to the basket and live at the free throw line. I think the raps put in this effort when they want to but on a Wednesday night against Sacramento, they just don't go to that extra gear. You could say this could be generalized to all teams but I not know. I think there are a few other teams that can get by on more talent with less effort. But there are teams with the same talent level as the raps but less effort leads to poorer results. Not necessarily something we can fix. It its just the vibe I get when I watch this team fluctuate. Not sure what sort of discussion this will generate but we're days away from the next game and I'm starting to get the shakes.

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    It's a lineups thing. DeMar and JJ on the floor together produces bad offense. The moment we took JJ and Scola out and put Patterson/Ross in, that Sixers game turned on it's head.


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      Talent is very important in the NBA.. Miami went to 4 finals basically on talent alone. Talent can get you a championship.

      But for those odd regular season games against inferior teams, it's also fighting boredom and playing through a mundane part of the schedule. Who gets up for playing against Philly, Nets or the Lakers anymore? Even Cleveland had a close game against Philly the other night, and took over in the end because they were just better.

      Effort is tied to motivation. If you are not motivated you're probably not going to give it your best. And you can have all the talent in the world.. but if you don't care your talent can only get you so far.


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        Accidentally posted this in the JV thread:

        We're finding our way as a reasonably talented, but young, team. I do think that the effort has been there consistently, and would agree we could have been blowing out bad teams with a small talent upgrade, mostly in the distance shooting department whilst our gunners were struggling. However, we are likely to have 2 allstars, and might have had 3 if not forJV's injury and the Ws that-could-have-been. Then there's Carroll's woeful season to date.

        If we can get right, our talent AND effort could have us at an ECF level for the playoffs. That is - WE'RE GOOD.