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Game 2: Indiana Pacers 87 Toronto Raptors 98 (Tied 1-1)

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  • Game 2: Indiana Pacers 87 Toronto Raptors 98 (Tied 1-1)

    Projected Starters:


    Projected Starters:




    Some of this will be obvious.
    • Pacers outscored us 25-14 in points off turnovers due to our 20 turnovers (vs their 13). Must take care of the ball.
    • Raps outscored Pacers 42-26 in points in the paint in Game 1. We also dominated the glass (20-9 offensive boards, 52-38 overall). Jonas has to stay out of foul trouble and continue to beast inside.
    • Pacers had the second-best points per possession in halfcourt sets on day 1 of the playoffs per Hardwood Paroxysm. Must lock down Paul George. Make the rest of their guys beat us.
    • Pacers also shot 52% from 3 point land vs 35% during the regular season. We were the 2nd-worst team at defending the three pointer, so this was to be somewhat expected, but we must do better.
    • Conversely we shot 21% from 3 point land. That's partly because...
    • Kyle and Demar were 8-for-32 (1-for-10 from 3) and forced a lot of shots. They need to loosen up and at the same time get dialled in to make better decisions.


    Not much else to say. Lose this one and we're in deep trouble. Let's rally behind our guys and beat the crap out of these pretenders!


    Purple good luck charm

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