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Is This The End For Little Kyle!

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    G__Deane wrote: View Post
    Reports of Lowry's demise are premature. I love the little bulldog but still think he's an over pay and not sure of the value in the latter years for sure. But other than try and sign him for 20M, what choice did we have?
    Glad we have him now for sure.
    The latter years? You mean next year? Or the year after?

    I see no reason to believe he will suddenly drop off a cliff next season. And assuming he doesn’t, is there any reason to believe he will shortly thereafter?

    Even if he only has one good year left after this one (again, zero reason to believe this), that year he’s expiring. I’d far rather have signed him to his current deal than a 5x20, in hindsight.


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      In years past, I used to cringe at some of DeRozan's shot selection.

      This year, I find myself doing so with Lowry (and Norm....but there's little reason to talk about Norm right now). A few too many pull-up 3s in transition, while 1-on-5, attempting to draw a foul, for my liking.