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ESPN Rumour: Bosh for Bynum Done Deal?

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  • ESPN Rumour: Bosh for Bynum Done Deal?

    Courtesy of Rhettmatic from the RealGM.

    On the BS Report today, Bill Simmons and Marc Stein kicked around some things they'd heard around the league. These are just rumours, and unsubstantiated ones at that.

    Simmons claimed that he had heard from a "very connected person" who heard from another "very connected person" that the Bosh-Bynum deal is done. Actually done, already agreed upon. Even he seemed a bit skeptical.

    Stein, meanwhile, said he's heard whispering about a Bosh-David Lee deal. He says it makes no sense for the Raptors with Bargnani already here, but says that the Raptors are "pretty big David Lee fans."
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    I heard that too. Pretty amazing....done deal.

    If Bynum can stay healthy which is one the bigger if's in the NBA he is a dominant center who is still getting better and would be a perfect compliment to Bargs. Assuming he can stay healthy, a Bargs/Bynum front line is significantly better than a Bosh/Bargs. Bynum also has a pretty good contract as long as he can stay on the court.

    I don't see why the Lakers make the trade though. While it has been apparent that Bynum and Gasol don't play well together, I don't really see Bosh and Gasol meshing that much more. Could Bosh work in the triangle? I'm all for it, its clearly the best hypothetical trade scenario out there...other than the Bosh for Lebron straight up rumor I heard.


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      Hi All,
      Newbie over here! Just off topic, I love R.R. and have been following you guys since I can only remember early last year sometime. Only now I have gotten an opportunity to actually give my $0.02USD and interact with awesome Raptor and NBA fans

      Now for this rumor? Only way I'm believing this is if the Lakers struggle continue to harp them throughout the playoffs which would lead them to an early exit (1st/2nd Round) from this year's playoffs. They have a good nucleus in Pau, Bynum and Bryant. With Odom signed to an extension they should have a strong bench as well. (For whatever reason I think Odom IS the Laker's bench...)

      But... if BC can work his magic and someone make this rumor a reality, I'm all for it. I do hope Bosh stays though. Just because he's been the Raptor's consistent producer for so long now. I can't say he's put Toronto on the map per se, but he's kept them on "the team with great potential" lists for a number of years now.
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        I don't see the Lakers risking working on a deal while the team is still playing in the playoffs. I think it's highly unlikely.

        BUT, if it is true, while I'm not a huge fan of Bynum's history of injuries and rather inconsistent play, to get a talent like his in a sign and trade would be a huge coup. I don't see them getting a better deal than that, quite frankly. Not even close.

        As for the David Lee rumour, I can't stress how depressed that would make me. I really don't think I could hack watching a front court of Bargnani, Lee and Turkoglu "attempt" to defend anyone next season. I think I literally would have to stop watching them until next summer, after they've won 20-some games and everybody on the team had been fired, new guys came in and gutted the team. If Colangelo really got David Lee (and kept Bargnani), I would have to take back every comment I made in defense and support of him over the last four years. I really would.

        So, if rumour #1 is correct, Colangelo is a genius. If rumour #2 is correct he's an idiot.
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          So the Bynum rumor is back? Bynum may be the most talent player the Raptors can hope to get back. A trade of Bosh for Bynum and maybe picks would be, in my opinion, getting 60 cents on the dollar for Bosh and that is all I am hoping for.

          Like Tim, I'm not a big time Bynum fan but he has immense potential and maybe a change of scenery where he would get more attention from the coaches and could be more of a main contributor would help him mature and grow into the center he's capable of being.


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            I'm also in the "not a huge fan of Bynum" party, but at this point his sheer potential intrigues me and he would be one of (if not the best) better options we've heard regarding any sign & trade deals pertaining to Bosh.

            I love Lee, but he'd be a terrible fit to this existing line-up assuming that we're removing Bosh and replacing him with David. We'd hands down be the worst defensive team of all-time.

            BTW, welcome to the RR Forums RPT23.


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              If we got Bynum for Bosh, I'd be doing backflips. It's funny, because you if ask Laker fans about that deal, they'd do it in a heartbeat. Wouldn't even have to think about it. I think Bynum would be a beast being the #1 or even #2 option here. I'd take the rumour with a large shovel of salt. I remember the Lakers saying they made up the Bosh for Bynum rumours back in Jan-Feb just to get a kickstart out of Bynum. Jerry Buss LOVES Bynum. That's why it's hard to imagine that this would take place.

              I like David Lee, but really, I'd hate to send Bosh to a team in the same division.
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                I think this rumour has some validity simply because the Lakers won the title last year and brought in Artest to replace Ariza. Based on that alone, I could see them winning the title again this year and still want to acquire Bosh to replace Bynum.
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                  It's not just Bynum's injury history that worries me, it's his motivation. Toronto doesn't have Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson, and Pau Gasol to be on Bynum's ass all the time to develop a player. Does he have enough self-motivation to continue progressing? I doubt we'd have seen Bynum develop so quickly if he were on another team.


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                    Man, if the Lakers get Bosh, then whats the point in playing? They would be the most complete lineup, Gasol, Bosh, Artest, Kobe, Fisher. Every spot is filled with the perfect player.

                    Id only give up Bosh if they take Calderon's contract, which would probably work since they need a PG who is pass-first, and can open the floor with 3's. They'd also make Gasol happy since theyre bringing in another spaniard to play with him. We'd probably get Bynum, Vujacic and Brown. This way, we get a young center beside Bargs, the expiring contract of Vujacic and a combo guard to play alongside weems and DD. I mean were not going to be outright contender's but it would be some good youth players to build on.
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                      Could you imagine next year's slam dunk competition with Weems, DeRozan and Brown, all from the same team? At least the practices would be exciting.


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                        LOL, the league wouldn't allow three guys from one team in the dunk comp. Brown in town would make for a few more highlight reel dunks for sure though!


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                          Doc Naismith wrote: View Post
                          I love Lee, but he'd be a terrible fit to this existing line-up assuming that we're removing Bosh and replacing him with David. We'd hands down be the worst defensive team of all-time.
                          Worst defensive front court(Andrea, Davis and Hedo) of all-time doesn't make me all that excited either...


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                            I'd rather get a 1st rounder/TPE than acquire Lee for Bosh.

                            The Knicks would have to show Bosh that they're doing something to put a competitive team out on the court or else he's not jumping to that ship.


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                              Another question no one is asking is do we really want Bosh moving to the division rival Knicks? My answer is no.