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As a " fan " do you want what Davis is doing or Do you want what Chris Bosh did .

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    The extremes are walking away from a contract for no reason, to being fucked over by an organization and not fighting back. Reasonable people try to work things out. As a business owner you should try not to bring things on yourself and hopefully your employees treat you the same. But 2 things are sure. One is that an employer does not want a disgruntled employee around any longer than necessary. Secondly, a guy working in a regular business can not be compared to an NBA star in terms of contract protection. A non star yes, they are extremely vulnerable. But a star has his unique ability, his contract, and a union dominated by above average veterans to negotiate those collective bargaining agreements.
    On another point Bosh honoured his contract and should be commended for that. He just was really immature toying with an extremely loyal fan base at the end. For that he deserved to be admonished.
    But this franchise has had its share of dysfunction, without evening mentioning the obvious elephant in the room, haha...
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      Raptor Jesus wrote: View Post
      Wonder if Kawhi is considering this right now. Ask for trade, whisper he ain't coming back, or lie.
      Kawhi already declared he will give everyone a fair shake. Which means he should meet Masai + probably Magic/'Bron + Lawrence Frank.


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        KeonClark wrote: View Post
        Quality news source

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        you were saying....?


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          Superjudge wrote: View Post
          Davis and his agent have flat out told everyone he 100% intends to go to LA with Lebron when his contract is up.

          The NBA is a joke.
          Why is Davis not allowed to go to the Lakers? Players should be allowed to go to wherever they want when their contract expires. If the league really wanted to set up parameters to prevent this - they easily could.


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            I know Chris Bosh is being discussed on another thread but in a recent podcast he did say he wasn't never thinking about re-signing ... He felt like this while never making MLSE know that this is his mind set ..

            Bill Simmons did say that this new NBA ( with player empowerment ) it may look now but there is a lot of crap that comes with it ..


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              These are apples to oranges. NBA players sign contracts where essentially the player agrees to play for x dollars plus a few other conditions - which INCLUDE details on the team's right to trade/waive the player based on the contract and the CBA. This is all negotiated and agreed upon by the union and league (CBA) or by the player's agent and the team (contract).

              What is NOT included in contracts is anything about players strong arming their way out with trade demands or by not trying, or teams effing around in the media about guys on other rosters. All this nonsense might generate tweets but it's bad for the league imho.

              Now if you want to make the argument that the contracts should be different and the players should have more contractual leverage to determine their own fate - go ahead and do that. But don't pretend teams trading guys = players demanding trades, because it's not the same in the current state of things.

              Also, small market teams - which the league needs - will never buy into players having more leverage to leave town and go to New York/Miami/LA/Lebron. Who the hell wants to run a team in Charlotte, Cleveland, or Milwuakee in a league like that?
              "We're playing in a building." -- Kawhi Leonard


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                Superjudge wrote: View Post
                you were saying....?