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Why Ed Davis Was the Wrong Pick for Toronto.

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  • Why Ed Davis Was the Wrong Pick for Toronto.

    Everyone should know I did not post this article on the linked website. I don't even know the author. Here is his comments

    Why Ed Davis was the wrong pick for Toronto.

    Thursday night the Toronto Raptors selected big man Ed Davis out of North Carolina, who has the potential to make no impact at all.

    The problem with this pick is the fact that Toronto's organization knows that they will most likely lose there franchise player in Chris Bosh to free agency. The possible thinking would be that Ed Davis could fill the void, but he won't as he is a potential pick, not a definite good one. He is not strong, and has trouble finishing with any contact. He cannot shoot well and barely has any range outside of around the basket.

    Nine picks after Davis was chosen, Damion James out of Texas was chosen, which could have been a better pick for Toronto.
    cont on link where he explains why James would have been the better pick and who he compares him to.

    I agree with all of this article except Davis was not chosen to replace Bosh. He was chosen as a backup to Johnson and Bargnani. Johnson will replace Bosh.
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    I really don't get why anyone would say we should have picked a guy like James over Davis. Davis was far and away the best player in terms of having a combination NBA readiness and upside available at 13 while James, for all has talents, was seen by absolutely no one as being in the top 15 players. Maybe James will prove everyone wrong and be the best payer out f this draft, but it seems unlikely.
    Davis was not picked to replace anyone, he was picked because he was one of the top 8 players in this draft and he slipped. It's not that complicated.
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      He can think what he wants, but he's obviously in the minority. And possibly an idiot.
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        He can't write, and his reasoning is reminiscent of an 8-year old who's just had the bright idea to start a blog about his older brother: Damion James.
        It's about money


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          Has the writer checked into the position James plays. Best as I can tell, in the pros, he will be sg/sf (6'7") and definitely not a 4 which is what Davis (6'10") was drafted for. James is also a 4 yr. senior and maybe closer to his potential growth than Davis. Davis has the frame (they say) that enables bulking up. James is no doubt more proficient offensively but then again one would expect that from a sf/sg first rounder. His reb. #s are also not bad but I dont know how his responsibilities on his college team will translate to similar #s in the pros. Davis will play under the basket...James will not.

          This is not an indictment of James but comparing the two is like comp. peas and lima beans (I am not a vegan).


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            BC said he'd take the best player available at 13. By most (if not all) accounts, Davis was the best player available. I understand the author says he believes James to be a better FIT, but BC had already stated that wasn't his priority... so what is the point of second-guessing whether he correctly did what he wasn't trying to do?


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              the fact this 'author' only made mention of davis' offensive shortcomings tell me everything i need to know.
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