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Michael Grange: Raptors Trying To Trade Jose Calderon For Roy Hibbert

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    J_Dubyah wrote: View Post
    The Real Hornets Trade

    I agree, enough with the Collison obsession. Especially since this is the real trade we need to make with the Hornets: Okafor, Chris Paul and James Posey for Calderon, Miami's 2010 first, the Raps 2010 first, Marcus Banks, Reggie Evans and the entire TPE. This would save the Hornets, who are hemorrhaging money, a ton of cash. And the Raps would get two starters. Thoughts?
    Yeah lets give everything away for Paul? The Raps are gunna suck this year, those 1st rounders will be gold, we should keep them and even get more and maybe we can draft our own Paul.

    This season should be used to give the YoungGunz heaps of burn to gain experience and confidence, now matter if we win 15 games, draft a superstar and we are the next Thunder, Keep doing the Band-aid approach and we are the Old Clippers.


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      Tim W. wrote: View Post
      In two seasons, Hibbert has averaged 8.4 rpg per 36 minutes. That's about average for a big man.
      Again, that's why I'd love to see them trade for Murphy. The guy's a starter who can shoot the 3 and rebound like a mofo. There were a lot of trade rumors circling Murphy last year. He was the best rebounder on the Pacers; he just can't guard the Tim Duncans of the league. That's why I'd love to see us send Jose and (?? Amir?) for Hibbert and Murphy.

      Ok, but don't flame me for the suggestion yet -- I'm gonna try and find out what Murphy's contract looks like to see what kind of trades would work.
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        tbihis wrote: View Post
        hahaha i doubt this is going to push through.
        if it does, the Pacers will officially be our junkyard

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          Rap Challenger wrote: View Post
          Personally, I think Hibbert would do fairly well as a Raptor and he'd be a better pick up than Chandler, IMO....
          Chandler does have more of the desirable game (his added agility and speed) but is very injury prone. Chandler can't help any team if he's not in the line-up.


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            Hibbert's not a bad option, but this is just a rumor (unless BC offers picks! Big surprise!). Indianna's made it clear that Hibbert is a cornerstone for them. So unless we give them something valuable, not happening.
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              Not only does Hibbert play D, I have actually been surprised by his offensive efficiency, and his apparent sheen in multiple games. He looks a lot more polished on offense (especially mid-lateseason when he carved up the Celts and Cavs' respective defenses). Don't forget that this kid is 24 y/o, distributes the ball really well for someone who is 7'3" -- a couple near triple-doubles last year -- AND he's a legit center who plays the exact type of ball we need from a center.

              I just don't see it happening, it's too good to be true on our end!
              It's about money


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                There has not been any news or update on this deal. I think it is fair to assume it is a dead deal. Time to move on.


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                  I still think are best move is T. Prince. T. Prince and Wilcox for Evans and Jose should workout salary wise and Wilcox would fit better with our up tempo style then Evans...I think.

                  Wilcox is $3 mill off the books this year. T. Prince is 11.1 off the books this year. Evans is 5.4 or so off the books this year and Jose is 9 for a few more years.

                  Granted Wilcox isn't the C we need, but we would still have the excemption and I'm sure BC would find a way to turn it into multiteam deal.


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                    sup yall
                    i've tried looking for this said on the globe and mail and tried googling it and i cant find this article
                    anyone care to post the link for this article?

                    much appreciated


                    • I agree, why would we want Hibbert. Also, Isn't Jose for Boris still a great trade for the Raps? Is that off the table now?


                      • J_Dubyah wrote: View Post
                        I agree, why would we want Hibbert. Also, Isn't Jose for Boris still a great trade for the Raps? Is that off the table now?
                        Charlotte did go out and get Livingston. I think they're going to go with him and Augistin next year.


                        • From Wages of Wins:

                          "Looking back at Berri’s formula, it becomes clear why Calderon is valued so highly. Maintaining possession of the ball is a key component of Wins Produced. Calderon’s low turnover rate is well known, but what haven’t gotten as much attention have been the Spaniard’s incredible shooting percentages. Calderon is hitting 50.7 percent from the field, 43.4 percent from behind the arc and 91.2 percent from the free throw line. Steve Nash is the only other player in the league shooting better than 50% from the floor, 90% from the line and 40% from 3.

                          Not only is Calderon effectively getting his teammates the ball, but he’s also doing it at an incredibly efficient level. A highly efficient player, particularly a point guard, can limit the number of possessions and scoring opportunities the other team gets. In other words, the Raptors’ best defense might just be Calderon’s offense."

                          Can't we just keep the little guy?
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                          • This would be an intresting trade because they have opposite contracts- Calderon with a high price contract and Hibbert with a cheap and servicable contract that no team would ever mind.

                            Hibbert is a nice tall and long player who has some potential but Calderon would actually fit well in the Indiana system since they are all about shooting 3s.

                            The only problem I see is that the Pacers are developing their pgs ATM and they probably wont use Calderon much. They are also full of high salary contracts with Granger and Murphy so they probably wouldnt take this trade anyways. Raptors would need to take one of their high-priced contracts to make this work.