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Pacers Trying To Land Calderon?

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  • Apollo:An offense the doesn't become the whole philosophy of the team and that doesn't zap at least 75% of the energy used on the court. I would say the half court. The Raptors have good pick and roll guys and good shooters so it's not like they can't play half court. Hell, Calderon is a pure half court PG. Offensively limited players like Amir and Ed can still get good looks in the half court if the team moves the ball well and exploits weaknesses in the defense.
    I guess you are right there, i think that when it comes to exploiting weakness' i doubt the pick and roll will do that though. I have always thought that the best way to do that was running the floor, getting behind the defence etc when playing teams with alot of bigmen, that would be away to avoid being abused by them in the post, thus making our big man situation less pressing right now. The pick and roll idea didnt really work this year with calderon and bosh. I think the team may need a change in philosophy.

    I think it would be a waste of the speed we have on the wings to use the half court set up most of the time, we have such a athletic, young team that i could see us punish teams more that way. Maybe a good balance of half court and running could be good? I have just always hated the teams that would set up too much.

    I guess it comes down to personal preference now, no point in arguing now. lol