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Raps Gearing Up For A FA Push In 2011-12?

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    Buddahfan wrote: View Post
    It seems to me that BC has given up on the Euro experiment.

    The team is headed in a totally different direction

    It is going young talented an athletic.

    Anderson will probably last out the season
    Kleiza might last for his entire contract
    Calderon it is only a question of the right deal like the Bobcats one, coming along
    Bargnani may stick around but a trade of him before his contract expires once some of the other Raptors start to build a name for themselves wouldn't surprise me in the least.

    So it seems to me that BC has a vision and a direction. Whether he sticks with it and how successful it will be only time will tell.
    ya, it's almost as if he wanted bosh to leave by singing all these crap guys.

    I honestly think BC is more commited to making this franchise a winner than MLSE.

    euro's aren't bad as long as they aren't from turkey or italy.
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