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Who Will Partner Bargnani? Evans Perhaps?

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  • Who Will Partner Bargnani? Evans Perhaps?

    Ugh .... I don't think for a second that it would happen, but kind of scared me for a moment when I read Doug's article and Jay comments this morning.

    That being said, right now assuming that Dampier doesn't come to Toronto would most agree with Amir will be starting along side Andrea?

    One of the major questions to be answered at training camp for the Raptors is who will start alongside Andrea Bargnani in the frontcourt.

    If coach Jay Triano has any idea who that might be, he’s not letting on.

    He’s lauding every possibility.

    “We think there’s a couple of guys,” he said after the Raptors worked out at the University of British Columbia on Saturday. “I think that Reggie (Evans) is a very good player with him on the floor, I think that Amir (Johnson) is a very good player with him on the floor because they set good screens, they roll hard to the basket, the don’t demand the basketball a lot but they still find ways to come up with it.

    I think we can have (Linas) Kleiza on the floor with Andrea, too, that will create another shooter and if teams are even thinking about double-teaming, it’s not going to happen.”

    Triano said he’s not about to worry about figuring out specific starting units yet because he has other issues to deal with in the final three practices before Wednesday’s pre-season opener against the Phoenix Suns.

    “For the most part, it’s cleaning up our offence and adding a few more plays,” he said. “This is only practice No. 7, we have to keep adding, do different (defensive) coverages and drilling them.”
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    lol is jay drinking the cool aid?
    ya dun noe


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      Maybe the Raptors will showcase Reggie in the pre-season in an attempt to try and show that Reggie still has got some game. Would raise his trade value from its current level which is nothing but his expiring contract.l
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        I don't think it's a bad thing for Reggie to get extra minutes this year, but starting is a bit too much. I remember the first pre-season game he played with the Raptors and he had 4 steals or something in the first quarter. If he can bring that energy again maybe we can get something good for him before the trade deadline. Worst case he stays and we clear 5million off the cap.


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          Why do folks want to trade Reggie so badly? On a team void of on court toughness & defense he offers that in a large quanity if nothing else plus his contract comes off the books at season's end- same w/ Banks keep them both unless you get a serious offer of a NBA starter for them either 1 or both. I would think that folks would want to trade a soft scrub like Andersen who plays just like Bargnani except he's not as good as Bargnani- scary thought isn't it????

          I can potentially see Reggie starting for 5-7 minutes as long as he focuses on defense/rebounding and doesn't post up and gets any points off of put backs. Evans does the dirty work that pretty boy Bargnani doesn't like to do or doesn't do consistently enough.

          No matter who starts with the Raptor's roster- as is, it won't be enough over 82 games in my mind.