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Jerryd Bayless - Chicago Bulls Post Game Video, Dec 15

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  • Jerryd Bayless - Chicago Bulls Post Game Video, Dec 15

    I think this is worth watching. Left an impression on me.

    I can't remember the last time I've seen this kind of emotional post game reaction from the Raptors. Bayless is visibly upset by the loss, it's not just another team loss, he is taking it personally. Impressive for the guy who's only been here 11 games.

    I wouldn't have thought anyone would take this loss so hard. They are a young team and were missing 4 guys, 3 of which are starters. The Chicago Bulls are a talented team playing good basketball. You could see this one coming.

    Bayless doesn't care to make any excuses though. I was most impressed with how personally he takes the loss. "I don't like it. I'm not used to it... I'm not going to stand for it." He calls out his teammates, saying "We got a long ways to go" calling the loss "embarassing". He says of his team "We got to start practicing better, we just got to get better." "It's bad right now."

    I would tell the guy to cut himself some slack considering the circumstances. Though, it is exciting to see this kind of passion from someone on our team. He seems to care about this team, and he seems to want to lead it. You can tell with the way he plays, he is a passionate guy, and that is exactly what the team needs.

    With him and Reggie, The Raps may actually have a personality.
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    Well it is interesting to say the least, and I do like it a lot better than the "we just gotta move on to the next game" mentality that's been on this team for the last several years; However, I wonder how the coaching staff and other players are going to react to it, especially guys like Weems and Bargs whom I've never seen visibly show any negative emotion after a loss. Either this might actually lead to some progressive changes, or it might cause some locker room friction with the "new guy" trying to be a leader and all. NOT that I don't think Bayless could be a leader.


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      Right, I guess it could go either way. My hope would be for his teammates to realize that they do need to play better, and that the coaches would support this kind of attitude. I think with the way Bayless plays on the floor, he backs up his words.

      With Reggie out, this team has lost some of it's heart, and that's how they need to play. They are not more talented than most other teams, but they have done a good job so far outworking other teams. Their season average rebounds/game is 41 vs opponents 39, and more importantly off. reb/game is 12 vs opponents 10.

      This has to be the way that this team defines themselves, they have to outwork their opponents, they are not talented enough not to, and last night was a stark reminder of that.


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        If you look at it in black and white, Bayless lost the game for us against the Bobcats plain and simple. If Triano took him out and put barbosa in, no doubt that game was ours.
        But im starting to see what Triano is now doing, he's getting the team ready for the future, and last night starting Ed Davis just solidified that.

        He's letting these guys play it out during crunch time, letting them get experience on end game situations. Its not about winning now, but winning in the future. Getting this team to gel, hopefully integrate a couple more young pieces either from the draft or trade. He's putting a lot of responsibility on this young core, and now they just have to learn to be accountable, and i think this interview showed that Bayless is starting to be accountable.