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    Its been really slow lately on this site so i thought this was worth posting. Not that i read to much into it but ESPN is doing their rankings 500-1. They released 500-400 and Solomon Alibi, Joey Dorsey and Alexas Ajinca made a appearance. Any thoughts?

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    Considering they've got Rookies ranked in the "Current Quality of Each Player", I will immediately stop reading.
    This is silly.

    Trying to rank the top 500 players, in a 600 player League, is ridiculous and just looking to waste time. Our time and their time. Mostly theirs though, as I can't imagine anyone is going to spend nearly as much time reading and weighing this, compared to how much they spent making it.

    At least SI.coms Top-100 Players has some semblance of Relevance.


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      Acccording to that we should have kept Pops Mensah Bonsu. I like this list already.


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        SitnonDfence wrote: View Post
        Acccording to that we should have kept Pops Mensah Bonsu. I like this list already.
        Well not really, because Joey Dorsey is still ranked Higher, and he doesn't see enough floor time as it is.

        Dude pulled down 20 rebounds in the Second last game of the season.


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          Can anyone predict where the 2011 1st and 5th pic will be ranked ? 100 ? 200 ? Sections ? That my question :0))


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            Well I gotta give ESPN credit. They're only announcing 10 per day and not even all 10 at once. It's keeping me clicking back every so often even though I don't really give a crap. Talk about milking it!

            We can ridicule this crap all we want, but damn these dudes got jobs and gotta write about something.
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