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Hollinger's ESPN Chat Wrap: Raptor Related

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  • Hollinger's ESPN Chat Wrap: Raptor Related

    This was put together and courtesy of RealGM Ogopogo.

    Adam (Chicago, IL)
    What are the chances that the bulls can dump hinrich in order to pick up lebron-bosh, dwade-bosh?

    John Hollinger
    (12:03 PM)
    I think it's highly unlikely. The contract is just too much money, especially with Hinrich playing poorly.
    Mark (Toronto)
    Is Calderon for Martin realistic?

    John Hollinger
    (12:04 PM)
    Be very surprised if Sac gave him away that easily ... I would think they'd only do that deal if they were getting DeRozan too.
    Chris (Indianapolis, IN)
    Simmons and Ford seem pretty high on a Bosh for Bynum deal ... what's your take?

    John Hollinger
    (12:06 PM)
    I think it's not a bad endgame for the Raptors -- Bosh is the better player, obviously, but Bargnani-Bynum as a frontcourt is a lot more coherent than Bargnani-Bosh defensively. If they think Bosh is going, it's probably the best way to rebuild.
    dred99 (Mia)
    what are you hearing out of Miami other than a possible salary dump (D. Wright) before the deadline??Thanks

    John Hollinger
    (12:11 PM)
    you keep hearing Udonis Haslem's name as a possibility, but it's not clear to me how Heat could upgrade their roster, get under the tax and preserve next year's cap room in one go. They'll certainly try to get Bosh if he comes available, but otherwise Wright may be the only move.
    Rastamonsta (Portland, OR)
    Being that your in Portland, can you comment on any moves the Blazers should make? What about Outlaw and Blake being moved for another big man to help this years run to the playoffs?

    John Hollinger
    (12:24 PM)
    The Blazers are looking hard at bigs but it's a tough proposition -- ideally they want a guy with an ending contract since Przybilla and Oden will be back next year, and they don't want to give up much in the way of future assets to get such a player. The other question is whether the Blazers are looking at getting an impact player (i.e. Brendan Haywood) or just a stopgap (i.e. Rasho Nesterovic or Kwame Brown).
    Darren (Ann Arbor)
    With all this Bosh for Bynum talk, no one mentions a scenario where players and contracts match and make sense.

    John Hollinger
    (12:28 PM)
    Bynum and Morrison for Bosh and O'Bryant. Several other combinations work as well. It's not any kind of impediment to a deal getting done.
    Younger78 (Cali)
    "Bynum and Morrison for Bosh and O'Bryant" doesn't seem to work. Bynum is a BYC player. Is there another combo?

    John Hollinger
    (12:34 PM)
    This is what I get for no trying it on the trade machine first. Gotta put Sasha and Ammo in it and then take back players like O'Bryant and Wright in it using L.A.'s trade exceptions (Mihm, Radmanovic). As I said, those players are not obstacles to a deal getting done.
    Ben (portland)
    John, if the Lakers are not willing to offer Bynum, would a Blazer offer of LaMarcus/Rudy+expiring's be the 2nd best deal available to the Ratpors for Bosh?

    John Hollinger
    (12:47 PM)
    I don't think Toronto would be as jazzed about that one since L.A. has a lot of the same weaknesses as Bargnani (softness, etc.) -- the lure of Bynum is that he's exactly what they lack at the moment. But you're right that Portland can throw a lot more sweeteners into the deal with its young guys and expiring contracts.
    Al (Atlanta)
    Over/Under 5.5: The number of below .500 teams that will make the playoffs in the East?

    John Hollinger
    (12:50 PM)
    I'm thinking only one or two. Charlotte, Toronto and Miami should finish right around .500, so that leaves only the No. 8 spot as a guarantee for a losing record.
    Neil (Toronto)
    What do you think of Calderone to Lakers, Morrison to Houston and Battier to, win and win, no?

    John Hollinger
    (1:00 PM)
    that's a pretty good one, provided Houston is willing to sacrifice Battier to have max cap room this summer. Calderon can't guard anybody but he'll help L.A.'s scuffling offense out big time, and of course Battier would give Toronto a D stopper.
    Adam (Houston)
    John, any word on whether Daryl Morey wants to make any moves? I keep on hearing Houston mentioned in rumors, but it kind of seems they just want to stay the course and let T-Mac's contract come off the books. Thanks!

    John Hollinger
    (1:03 PM)
    Here's the calculus in Houston: They'll take on a player with a contract for next year if they value having that player more than having roughly $8 mil in cap this summer. For Bosh, obviously, that's a yes; for the likes of Caron Butler the answer is less clear.
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