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Heat Interest In Antawn Jamison

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  • Heat Interest In Antawn Jamison

    Yikes ... if the Heat could acquire Jamison and not have to give up Beasley in return, that would be a serious "three-headed monster" in Miami. Definitely not a team that I would want to run into come playoff time.

    The Cavaliers aren't the only team with interest in acquiring forward Antawn Jamison from the Wizards.

    The Heat have expressed interest as of late, sources told the Washington Post.

    Trading Jamison could help the Wizards get under the luxury tax threshold depending on what type of contracts they take back in a deal.
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    yup. imagine if they had a PG...

    going after AJ means they'd be putting themselves out of the bosh hunt. he (AJ) might be a better complementary piece with wade - a bit more perimeter-oriented than bosh, can really stick the 3, but a guy who can get into the paint & board. it'd be interesting to see how that team would develop...some mouths to feed in that lineup (beaz, wade, AJ).

    oh, since wash. is in 'everything must go' mode, why not:

    Miller & Foye to the raps...

    Jose to LA

    Amir, Farmar, Morrison & a pick (LA's) &/or cash to Wash.

    i know, i know...there's an element of 'why would they do that' for each team, but...

    LA kinda/sorta needs a pass-first PG who can distribute the ball & knock down open j's. ok, so they need one who can defend a bit too. and i'm sure they'd prefer one who wasn't so expensive. but shit, this is my fantasy, damnit!

    Wash is simply looking to shed as much payroll as possible - even though miller & foye are on expiring contracts, they're still over the tax. this deal gets 'em real close to being under the tax. they do get SOMETHING back - farmar has some promise, as does amir, but they're all expiring, so it's up to them what they want to do.

    TO - well, we all 'love' jose, and i'm sure there'll be plenty of fans outraged at the idea, but here's the premise; he's a back-up. as nice as it is to have a good quality back-up, it's like spending money on gold-plated diapers when you can't afford toilet paper. they need some experience at the 2, and no, miller isn't the be-all/end-all, but he's a guy who knows how to play, is unselfish, can hit shots, and plays a good all-around team game. foye has had a season from hell, but he's a good player - in fact, i kinda doubt wash. would be interested in giving up on him, unless they figure they'll lose him for nothing. but like i said, this is my fantasy!

    so, short term - LA gets an experienced pass-first PG who's got a deadly outside shot...but who struggles defensively & makes too much $$. still, on a team like that, surrounded by excellent defenders, they can start him & hide him. wash gets cap/tax relief now, young guys & expiring contracts. it's not like they aren't playing for john wall at this point anyway, and it's not as though either miller or foye are likely to figure prominently in their rebuilding project.

    TO gets a solid vet wing player to help with their playoff push, and an underrated back-up combo guard, both with expiring deals; it gives them a better chance of success this year, which means a better chance of re-signing bosh, without committing to long-term salaries. plus, it frees up $$ for the summer; yes, they lose amir, but he's 50/50 to re-sign with TO anyway, and with reggie back, there'd likely be a bit of a log-jam in the frontcourt anyway.
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      I will be super pissed if Miami would get Jamieson+Miller for JO expiring deal and the Raptor's former draft pick.


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        Doc Naismith wrote: View Post
        Yikes ... if the Heat could acquire Jamison and not have to give up Beasley in return, that would be a serious "three-headed monster" in Miami. Definitely not a team that I would want to run into come playoff time.

        Source - Click here
        Makes sense to me. Let's hope that the Raptors are in on some of this discussions.