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Should T-Mac Retire or Does He Still Have Something to Give?

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  • Should T-Mac Retire or Does He Still Have Something to Give?

    After the multiple amount of surgeries McGrady's had, will he ever be healthy enough to contribute again?

    McGrady, 30, is in the final year of his contract and is being paid a league-high $23.2 million this season. He’s had a history of injuries with Houston and questions about his toughness and leadership have always been debated inside and outside the organization. In his six seasons with the Rockets, McGrady has missed 125 games because of back and knee problems. Once the Rockets advanced to Game 7 of the Western Conference semifinals without McGrady last season, there came evidence that the Rockets employ a more balanced lineup capable of wining without him.

    Sources say McGrady has started to wonder whether the Rockets want him back with this team, or whether they’ve been motivated to let him sit and collect on insurance money. Assuming that McGrady is covered under the NBA’s Temporary Total Disability (TTD) insurance policy, Houston can start to collect up to 80 percent of his prorated per-game salary after he’s missed 41 consecutive games. McGrady sat out his 42nd straight game Wednesday in Minnesota, and the league insurance plan would reimburse the Rockets for any additional missed games.

    For the rest of the season, the insurance policy could cover 80 percent of his per-game salary of $282,946. Even if McGrady returns to the lineup for one or more games this season, the insurance would still pay the Rockets for each additional missed game. The insurance company can identify 12 exclusions to the policy among particularly high-risk NBA players, but can only do so at the time a new contract is signed. McGrady signed his three-year, $63 million extension in November 2004.

    Beyond the possible financial repercussions, sources within and close to the team say the Rockets – especially Adelman – are unenthusiastic about McGrady returning. The Rockets have started the season with a surprising 7-5 record, despite missing McGrady and center Yao Ming(notes). For now, anyway, sources say the organization likes the team’s chemistry and cohesion without McGrady.
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    With the kind of injuries he had, its just a matter of time before he gets injured again when he laces them up.

    But he wanted to be the "MAN" that's why he left Toronto and he learned the hard way it ain't easy being the "MAN". The apple doesn't fall far from the tree eh Vince?!

    T-mac was never a great shooter, he is alot like Dwayne Wade, relies heavily on his athleticism rather then his jump shots. He may have something in the tank but more as a backup then a starter and I doubt he will settle for that or even get $5 million in the open market for his services.