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Mike D'Antoni a Goner if Knicks Strike Out in Free Agency

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  • Mike D'Antoni a Goner if Knicks Strike Out in Free Agency

    D'Antoni better pray Walsh can land one of the big boys, if not the writing could be on the wall in NY for him.

    If, and this is a really big “IF” the Knicks strike out in this year’s free agency class, Mike D’Antoni will officially be on the hot seat. Two years ago, I sat in front of my T.V. as I watched Donnie Walsh introduce Mike D’Antonio to the New York media. Walsh was so quick to fire a contract towards D’Antoni that he never took the chance to actually see how the name was really pronounced. That’s how bad New York needed D’Antoni, and that’s how bad the Knicks really were. But, fast forward to June 21, 2010, and the Knicks are about to strike gold thanks to Donnie Walsh. Oh, and also thanks to Mike D’Antoni for all the credibility and all that good stuff he brings too, I guess…

    The Knicks are positioning themselves to be suitors for the best the free agent class has to offer. Here NY stands, two years later, under the cap, able to sign two max players, a player’s coach on the bench, and the money to spend. Bravo Donnie Walsh, now if only someone would’ve knocked on his door one more time about Brandon Jennings. Let’s not go there.
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    Although his system may be "player friendly", I think smart players know that D'Antoni's system is not Championship friendly. LeBron certainly knows the importance of defense and he knows it's not praticed much in D'Antoni's system. What seemed like a blatant attempt to lure free agents may backfire.
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      I think D'Antoni has a lot of appeal if you're a fringe guy...a guy who hasn't really made a name for himself...D'Antoni can play those guys into a nice deal with a new team...

      But I agree...He's not a draw for the top flight.


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        d'antoni has ruioned his rep a bit in new york so he better stay there and redeem himself.
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          Good Temp.

          Mike Dantoni is a one dimensional coach who was hired to bring some excitement back to a team who went through a tumultuous Isiah era. The knicks had like 3 good players, a.k.a. They had no hope of doing any serious damage, therefore the only way to make this team appealing was to bring in the biggest run and gun coach in the league. I am having trouble seeing Lebron going to the knicks with such a skeptical system.


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            What was D'antoni supposed to do with the knicks?

            They had one of the worst rosters in NBA history and no chance of improving thier team because all the draft picks were given away for player's with massively inflated contracts. The only way to dump the excess weight was to package more young player's. The guy made the knicks fun to watch even though they were losing and ran his system with arguably the worst point guard in the NBA ie Duhon.

            There is 0 chance the knicks strike out in free agency, they might have to over pay for guys, but everyone wants to play in New York, its not a fallacy.

            Worst case scenario they offer JJ and Boozer max deals and are no further along than they are now, but at least they will have big names.