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Hollinger: How Good Would Team Trinity Be?

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  • Hollinger: How Good Would Team Trinity Be?

    For those wondering how the Heat could build a team with 3 max players like in Bosh, LeBron & Wade (ala Team Trinity) Hollinger from ESPN breaks it down this afternoon. (Because this is an ESPN Insider article I can't post more guys & gals)

    LeBron, Wade and Bosh.

    The dream of every team in the free-agent chase is to unite those three All-Stars on one roster, creating a powerhouse trio unlike any the league has ever seen and seemingly ensuring a steady stream of championship parades in the coming years.

    There's just one little catch for Team Trinity, regardless of the city the esteemed trio plays in: assembling the rest of the squad.

    Putting three superstars together via free agency requires a full-on roster evisceration that would make even the 1999 Bulls shudder. Miami, for instance, is pursuing the trio by working a sign-and-trade of its last three contracted players to Toronto for Chris Bosh. If successful, the Heat could have a roster of Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Bosh and 10 empty slots that could be filled only with second-round draft choices and minimum-wage contracts.
    And here's the example he gives with those 10 other roster spots:


    An example of 10 veteran players who signed for the minimum last year. (Team Trinity would need to sign 10 to meet the league's roster minimum.)

    Pos. Player 2009-10 PER

    G Anthony Carter 10.34
    G C.J. Watson 13.88
    G Devin Brown 10.06
    G Quinton Ross 3.04
    F Rodney Carney 12.72
    F Joey Graham 10.62
    F Josh Powell 6.77
    F Joe Smith 11.29
    C D.J. Mbenga 11.63
    C Theo Ratliff 10.28
    Source - ESPN Insider Members - Click here

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    I don't think the league minimum guys would be the problem. They know what their roles are and they'd fill them. Miami should target guys who will play hard, defend and let the glory guys hog the glory.

    The PROBLEM here is how to fit the three egos together.

    Bosh would have to accept that his role is what it was on the Team U.S.A. Rebound, defend and hustle. The scoring machines are LeBron and Wade. Bosh would have to give up on his dream of being "The Man".

    Wade, as well, would have to get used to being second best. He's used to being a one-man show, but he'd have to learn to make his living on assists and being the second option.

    LeBron. Well, he'd have to motivate the other two into believing that being in his shadow is worth it to get the title. In a lot of ways, his task may be the toughest. If he can't win the title without these guys, his career would have the mother of all black marks on it.

    I hope the three of them are as close friends as the media would lead us to believe, or there's going to be a lot of unhappy guys in that locker room next season.


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      I can see them only passing to each other, or rolling their eyes if a scrub takes a shot.
      Two beer away from being two beers away.


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        Part of me would like to see them go to Miami with a team of scrubs, to watch them FAIL!

        I think they would struggle to put their egos aside and even if all three played a full 48 minutes, there are 2 players on the floor that would be completely outmatched on both ends of the floor and they would have absolutely no interior D to speak of. Guys like Howard, Garnet, Bynum/Gasol would have a field day playing against them. If they were to get into foul trouble or if one were to get injured, they would get killed! The more I think about it the more I want to watch this trinity LOSE!


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          I would love for these three Amigos to get together in Miami. Wanna recreate the mystique of Magic, Worthy and Jabbar? How about Parish, Bird and McHale? Everyone's got the right to fantasize right? Unfortunately, the collective egos of Bosh, Wade and Lebron cannot be tamed even if you have Riley, Jackson and Krzyzewski as coaches. The three together with 2 bench players (because that's all the Heat can afford) would be an epic fail. Who even takes the last shot with the game on the line? Sorry, but it is 2010 not 1984. Team ball is not what it used to. Want the recipe for success? Look no further than the Lakers - 1 superstar (Kobe), 1 tier-2 star (Gasol), 1 X-factor from the bench (Odom) and 2 defensive presence that gets dirty and doesn't mind scoring once in a while (Bynum and Artest). That's a recipe for championship. Heck, even the Celts went to the dance without having "the man" at the helm.
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            Ferget about the 3 amigos on the would their respective posse members get along? Some caps are likely to go off at some strip club if there is any disrespect shown...or not being able to get a good seat on the team plane.