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  • The conversation in question did not involve Hitler or any other racially motivated topics.

    Your messages and whatever point you're trying to make, make absolutely no sense.

    1. Abbas made a comment suggesting everybody calm down.

    2. Scraptor made a tongue-in-cheek reply to Abbas' post, essentially saying that Abbas was right and we should all calm down.

    3. You replied to Scraptor and tried to moderate him. You overreacted, got involved in a conversation that didn't concern you, and broke forum rules.

    4. I pointed out the rules you broke, both publically and privately, explaining to you the proper process to report posts that you feel are offensive.

    5. You bring Hitler, blacks, police, the holocaust, and all sorts of other stuff up, which had nothing to do with the exchange involving Abbas, Scraptor, you, and me.

    This exchange did NOT involve any hate speech of any kind. I even quoted the posts in question, to remind you that they did not involve any hate speech. All of your follow-up posts make absolutely no sense.