Even if we make to the playoff, we still have some chances of drafting some potential in the mid to late 1st rounder of 2014 NBA Draft

1) Aaron Gordon
- His stat is falling, could be projected as a lottery but he has fallen to No18 on NBADraft.net
- His ceiling is a Blake Griffin x Tobias Harris clone, could be our PF of the future

2) Mitch McGary
- He could projected as a lottery and was gonna go top 15 in this year's draft but he chose to stay one extra year
- He could be our backup C behind Val

3) Chris Walker
- He could be the dark horse of the draft a.k.a Jermaine O'neal or Al Jefferson who's picked late in the draft and became a cornerstone of a franchise to build upon
- An option at PF for the Raptors when Amir leaves

4) LeBryan Nash
- Some say he's Ron Artest (MWP) 2.0, wouldn't hurt to have a defensive minded SF on a team
- An option at backup SF for the Raptors if we do get Wiggins