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Playoff Draft Aftermath

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  • Playoff Draft Aftermath

    Even if we make to the playoff, we still have some chances of drafting some potential in the mid to late 1st rounder of 2014 NBA Draft

    1) Aaron Gordon
    - His stat is falling, could be projected as a lottery but he has fallen to No18 on
    - His ceiling is a Blake Griffin x Tobias Harris clone, could be our PF of the future

    2) Mitch McGary
    - He could projected as a lottery and was gonna go top 15 in this year's draft but he chose to stay one extra year
    - He could be our backup C behind Val

    3) Chris Walker
    - He could be the dark horse of the draft a.k.a Jermaine O'neal or Al Jefferson who's picked late in the draft and became a cornerstone of a franchise to build upon
    - An option at PF for the Raptors when Amir leaves

    4) LeBryan Nash
    - Some say he's Ron Artest (MWP) 2.0, wouldn't hurt to have a defensive minded SF on a team
    - An option at backup SF for the Raptors if we do get Wiggins