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    To the Love Trade: We're not getting him. You want a better offer? Gibson+Mirotic+2014 pick. Dragic+Morris+Frye+2 1st rounders. Barnes/Thompson+Green+Lee+Future First rounder. Shoot, they'd probably prefer the high Lakers pick. But Love will not be a Raptor. Sad reality of the situation.
    Gibson + Mirotic +2014 pick for Love. Illegal cap wise. Wolves would have to take on another couple contracts - actually, it's really hard to find a combination that would work. To make the salaries line up, you'd probably have to wait for the summer, amnesty Boozer, and do that deal. Of course, then the Wolves still need the cap room to be able to sign Mirotic, which might be hard to find (they certainly wouldn't have the room from your deal). And the Bulls need to make the pick for the Wolves well in advance. So Gibson, a late pick this year and a prospect who may or may not ever come over, and limited to no cap relief. Delightful.

    You think the Suns give up that much for Love? Good on you, but I'm sure the Suns fans are glad you aren't their GM.

    You think the Wolves want ANYTHING to do with Lee's contract? GSW can't send picks either.


    • Raps Cap Off Season

      DeMar Derozan - SG 1 $9,500,000 Under Contract
      John Salmons $1,000,000 Buyout Residual
      Amir Johnson - PF 1 $7,000,000 Team Option Exercised
      Landry Fields -SF 3 $6,250,000 Under Contract
      Kyle Lowry - PG 1 $10,000,000 Signed FA 4 Yrs 40M
      Chuck Hayes - C 3 $5,958,750 Under Contract
      Steve Novak -PF 3 $3,445,947 Under Contract
      Jonas Valanciunas C 1 $3,678,360 Under Contract
      Tyler Hansbrough $1,000,000 Buyout Residual
      Patrick Patterson PF 2 $6,000,000 4 Years 24M
      Marcus Camby * $646,609 Buyout Residual
      Terrence Ross SF 1 $2,793,960 Under Contract
      Greivis Vasquez PG/SG $4,500,000 3 Years 13.5M
      Nando De Colo PG 3 $1,828,750 Under Contract
      20th Kyle Anderson SF 2 $1,200,000 Salary Scale Replaces Salmons
      NEW ADDS
      Emeka Okafor C 2 $5,150,000 FA MLE for Non Tax Payers
      Jarnell Stokes Draft 37 PF 3 $800,000 FA #2 Replaces Tyler

      Quentin Richardson * $0 End of Contract
      D.J. Augustin * $0 Traded
      Julyan Stone $0 Waived
      Dwight Buycks $0 Waived

      Total salaries: $70,752,376

      Depth Chart

      Start Bench Bench
      C JV Okafor Hayes
      PF Amir Ppat Stokes
      SF Ross K.Anderson Novak Fields
      SG Derozan
      PG Lowry Vasquez DeColo

      If you were to roll the dice and choose not to pick up Amir's option and not use the mid level exception on Okafor or anyone else at 5.1M the Raps would be in a postion to offer a 4 year 48M deal to Greg Monroe. That slots Monroe as the starting PF with PPAT backing him up and Chuck Hayes remains at the back up centre. Price is no Amir - worth it ?

      Depth Chart w/Monroe signing
      Depth Chart

      Start Bench Bench
      C JV Hayes Patric Young
      PF Monroe Ppat Jarnell Stokes
      SF Ross K. Anderson Novak &Fields
      SG Derozan Ross
      PG Lowry Vasquez DeColo

      Total salaries: $71,402,376
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      And with the 4th overall pick the Toronto Raptors select..... Scottie Barnes.


      • Who do we have behind DD?
        The name's Bond, James Bond.


        • RaptorsFohEva wrote: View Post
          Who do we have behind DD?
          Any one of Ross / Kyle Anderson / Vasquez

          I am all in on Monore if we can get him in without giving up more than Amir. I love Amir. I love the warrior in him but I am over the top on the upside of Monroe and how he fills a hole with a consistent and healthy low post player who we can draw up plays for.
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          And with the 4th overall pick the Toronto Raptors select..... Scottie Barnes.