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  • how do we generate or convert energy into power that we can use in our homes? you may think its some complex thing but to me its as simple as 1 +1 = 2. i could try and explain it but like basketball you have to explain all the concepts so 1 + 1 = 2 so you understand. your always giving the formula but not how you got to creating the formula

    analytics makes you sound smart but all it is, is you know how to read a voltage meter. you want to sound smart tell me how electricity is created then tell me how and by what means can you apply it
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    • Dr Hannibal Lecter wrote: View Post

      Hmm...time will tell.
      I've never been wrong, few times, but we will c.

      I'm usually right.
      Kawli trade for Demar. I wanted way before it happen.
      Lowry is the glue, he was the culture, they lost that.
      We need a big for 4 years, I was so sick of saying it and they got him when they should be
      Fred is overrated...should be coming off the bench...they'll overpay and they'll regret it.
      Siakim is not super max or max player should be will not change if he is still here...both him and Fred..if we had Kawli, veterans, good bench...sure keep them...they don't have those guys, it will not the long run this will not work...
      I’m confused, on the republic for more than a decade. Reading your comments all this time. It’s clear to me that you’re an educated basketball fan and i often agree with your opinion.

      KL trade for Demar and wanting it way before it happened is a no brainer, not sure who would ever disagree with that. Mind you it would be crazy to even think it was an option.

      not signing Kyle to his current contract should be considered top 5 smartest moves in the last 5 years.

      Your opinion about Fred is not shared by any of the so called experts. There is no worth your contract, players are worth what the highest bidder is willing to pay. We can resign Fred to the max (which I agree he is not worth it) and simply retain an asset.

      pascal as far as I know according to the cba hasn’t locked in super max yet. Pascal and Fred both are in their late 20s no need to move on from them yet. Timeline with the youngins still matches up.


      • We should tank for this kid. 2026 draft eligible.
        Mamba Mentality


        • The Great One wrote: View Post
          We should tank for this kid. 2026 draft eligible.
          I have been watching his highlights since teh beginning of this past high school season. I love the way he plays, scores at all three levels, and plays defense. Kid looks like a winner, period.
          Twitter @WJ_FINDLAY


          • love how you guys are scouting, so much pride !