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  • psrs1 wrote: View Post
    63 wins would have been nice. We most likely headed for 45-48 wins as things currently stand. We absolutely need to at least get that #3 seed. I wonder if there is any model that takes into account human factors such as having a stubborn coach who won't adjust?
    lol did you really just bump every predictions thread to post your doomsday daydreams?

    Two beer away from being two beers away.


    • S.R. wrote: View Post
      Of course multiple rounds of playoff experience is a good thing and we want as much postseason ball as we can get as fans, but in a lot of ways the real question for this spring is if the Raps can do any better vs Cleveland than last year, no matter what round tha happens in.

      If they lose to Cleveland in the second round in a really tight 7 game series that could have gone either way, isn't that better than last year?
      Depends whether Cavs are full strength to me, that's a caveat next to any potential success. They're only a big 2 without love and jr is hurt too, right? Although Lebron makes a big 1.5-2 on his own. He can go Superman mode when needed.
      I'm really greedy about a high pick and we need to fire Casey at some point so there's positives to a poor record and/or early knock out.