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Could we say that if Green wasn't part of the Deal the deal would be looking bad right now ?

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    Shaolin Fantastic wrote: View Post
    If we had done the trade DanH and Barolt were suggesting we do leading up to it, which was something around DeMar+OG+1st for Kawhi and whatever contract works (not Green), it wouldn't look particularly great right now. We probably would be 3rd or 4th in the east and there would be a lot less optimism about Kawhi staying. Combine that with him missing games and people would be very upset about the trade.

    The same trade without Green would have felt worse as well, but at least if Poeltl and not OG was going out you could accept it, since we wouldn't have dealt our highest value prospect (at the time, I think now it's Siakam) for 60-65 games of Kawhi (I think that's about how many he'll play this year).
    I don't think anyone would prefer the limit deals some proposed would be required to the highway robbery Masai pulled off.

    That said, yeah, the team might have struggled some more if we had even fewer wings and still suffered the same number of wing injuries. Then again, this is a high bar we've set to compare to. I don't think we'd be lower than 2nd in the East anyway. Mayyyybe below Philly and third by a hair. I don't think any of us would be sitting here wishing we didn't make the trade.


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      At the time perhaps a legitimate question. Writing after the last two games (Ls without Kawhi without question) not so much.