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Sam Smith Likes a West & Collison for Bosh Deal

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  • Sam Smith Likes a West & Collison for Bosh Deal

    Ummm .... and so would I.

    While I’m at it, what about this one for Bosh? Though I’ve heard teams like the Nets will make a run at Chris Paul hoping to shake him loose with new ownership and cheaper guards like Darren Collison, the larger speculation is the Hornets might move Collison. If Toronto is going to lose Bosh, a sign-and-trade involving David West and Collison would look awfully good for the Raptors, who are said to be looking for a point guard and are interested in moving Jarrett Jack. That would enable them to replace Bosh and upgrade with a young point guard, a win for the Raptors. Of course, the key would be getting Bosh to go to New Orleans. No, he wouldn’t be the No. 1 guy. But he would be the No. 1 scorer as Chris Paul is one of those players who makes teammates much better and makes you a better scorer. Maybe that appeals to Bosh. Again, he may be the toughest one to figure as Houston also is said to be a contender and could present a Yao/Bosh front line with a top coach and strong backcourt of Aaron Brooks and Kevin Martin.
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    I'd rather have Okafor than West though. Bargnani should have someone in the paint who does nothing but defend, rebound, make open shots, and block shots. Adding West will probably give us the defense-less front-court tandem next year.


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      Sign me up. Okafor sucks and has little passion for the game, so I'd probably prefer West. Maybe NO could throw in Julian Wright in the deal, a new change of scenery may do him well


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        Did Sam Smith start writing for The Bleacher Report?
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          I doubt Bosh will go to a team unwilling to spend into luxury tax territory. Though with the new CBA, that might be moot.


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            Nice deal. West is not ideal for the Raps but at least you're getting something back.


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              It's a little much for a sign and trade but it's not a bad deal. I'd rather have Okafor too, he plays more D and would give us the defensive anchor we've needed for so long.
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                Guys, West gives you a lot of the same things as Bosh, only he's going to cost you less than half per season as Bosh. Not to mention he doesn't miss many games. He would be an excellent replacement at the 4, there wouldn't be much loss in production at that position with him there and then you also get a young PG who has future all-star written all over him. I don't think you can expect the Hornets to give up Okafor in a trade for Bosh. It makes absolutely no sense for them. They can't be expected to contend throwing two PF out there who pretty much have the same game.


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                  Sam Smith purports to be extremely connected, but he floats more rumors a week than there are flies on a cow. Since he's in a big market and writes for a major newspaper, agents and GM's probably use him to create smokescreens and further their personal causes. Smith is also the guy who said he'd heard from various "reliable sources" that the Raptors are finding it increasingly difficult to attract players because NBA ballers expect preferential treatment and Canada Customs wouldn't provide it. So according to Sam, the word is out in the NBA - don't play in Toronto!


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                    do you really think collison is available? he could end up better than paul!

                    he plays less minutes (a lot, in fact), but when he plays starter minutes, he's a force!!!

                    look at Collison's stats for over 30 mins, closer to the midseason mark in his rookie year (his only year) to see what I'm talking about.

                    I think it might actually be more realistic that the hornets move Paul, despite his popularity, especially considering his injury record.

                    That would crush the whole deal.
                    It's about money


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                      Bosh gave a list of 5 teams he wants to go to, and on top of that he wants to be the franchise player, what more is there to get?


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                        Phil, sorry bro you just lost your credibility.

                        Chris Paul is best the point guard since Magic. Did anyone watch him before he got hurt last year? He was unable to miss shots, everything from everywhere was dropping. If they can add a premier wing player, watch out.

                        Sure the deal sounds great, but I can make 25 other great deals where Bosh goes to teams he doesn't want to go to.

                        NO is in chaos right now, they have two all star caliber point guards, a rookie coach, a change in ownership, a shaky foundation in New Orleans and Peja's massive expiring contract which is likely to dictate the future of Chris Paul. Bosh would be a fool to invest the next 6 years of his life into such a shaky situation.


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                          IceeeD wrote: View Post
                          I'd rather have Okafor than West though. Bargnani should have someone in the paint who does nothing but defend, rebound, make open shots, and block shots. Adding West will probably give us the defense-less front-court tandem next year.
                          really? the guy they traded for okafor was better than okafor. i'd defnitely rather have west and might puonce on that deal.
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                            Ya sorry Phil, Collison isn't going to be better then CP3. I agree with mo-sales in that Paul is the best PG since magic. If I was a NO fan, and my team traded away CP3 I don't think I could ever watch basketball again. It would be very similar feelings to my team losing Lebron.


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                              Tim W. wrote: View Post
                              Did Sam Smith start writing for The Bleacher Report?
                              hahaha exactly what i had in mind.

                              I think this trade is a no-brainer. Youre essentially getting Bosh for Bosh plus a really good point guard. For some reason, West seemed liked he developed an allergy for contact and is now more of a jumpshooter than an inside presence. Definitely not as agressive as Bosh but definitely a 15-20/10 guy on any given night. Id take West and Collison then maybe trade Jose and Hedo for a dominant center, or draft one. The important thing after all of this is said and done is Bargs should have his feet planted on the starting PF spot.