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    vinnie_paz wrote: View Post
    who said anything about losing on purpose ?

    and who said anything about the draft ?
    This guy

    Bendit wrote: View Post
    Afraid, thats a bit too dogmatic. As a follower/fan of the team (emphasis on team and longterm view), "hoping" the Raps lose "one" game so they can win many many more the following seasons because of a draft position is not a moral-type dilemma for myself. This isnt a "laying money down on the team to lose" type of situation.

    That said, witness the lottery situation this past draft, NJ did not draw the short straw as the numbers would have it. I am sure the team will play hard and I cant see Triano (if he is still there at the end) or BC advocating a tank. That is just not good policy for running a franchise.


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      heinz57 wrote: View Post
      i dont think fans in minny are worried about them sucking being a "what if" scenario

      but they'll definitely be happy as shit those 5 or 6 times they win at home.
      and please learn how to read, i said "what if you", were a fan of minny...


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        vinnie_paz wrote: View Post
        hahaha n u think the raps are that much better ?
        and asnwer the question... does a t-wolves fan have the right to hope his team loses so that the owner can fire kahn

        do u want me to mention some of the trades that david kahn has made?

        traded al jeffereson for pretty much nothing, acquired beasely... u want me to go on ?

        he drafted like 5 pg's and then the following year he drafted 3 sf's and aquired another sf from portland ?

        does a poor fan in minny not have to be thinking man i just wish we lose, so david kahn quits or gets fired ??

        sadly, that's how i feel about our gm.
        hoping kahn gets fired is one thing... hoping that YOUR team loses in order to get kahn fired? thats fucking ridiculous

        ends dont justify means.

        hell, even the nets last year weren't TRYING to lose.. that team wanted more than anything to win a game, just were incapable..

        at the end of the day, i can swallow my team losing.. as long as they try

        one of the greatest moments in NBA history, reggie miller's 8 pts in 9 seconds came in a losing effort.

        teams worthy of being a fan of TRY.. even in losing causes..

        MJ wasnt defined by his natural physical gifts... he was defined by his ridiculous work ethic..

        kahn is an idiot gm, and deserves to be fired (although i REALLY hope he doesnt because to me, its just downright hilarious)... but any minny fan who hopes the team loses so he can get fired isnt a fan.

        fans support.


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          vinnie_paz wrote: View Post
          and please learn how to read, i said "what if you", were a fan of minny...
          lol... cmon man... i cant do that.

          its MINNY.

          it'd be like the babcock years all over again. even hypothetically, i wont put myself in them shoes.


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            Apollo wrote: View Post
            The Raptors won't be losing games on purpose this season. They've never operated in that fashion. They'll be losing games while trying to win.
            haha brilliant, yeah people shouldnt get bent out of shape about the raptors throwing games lol, they will lose them if they try